Colombia’s Calorie-Free Coffee Sweets

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Well, not really calorie -free, but they are only  if you are looking and not eating .

Miro and I have spent the last five weeks in the heart of Colombia’s coffee country, in a city called Manizales. Our home in Manaizales has been in the center of the main street, downtown at the Base Camp Hostel. Every day we walked down  Carrera 23 for our shopping, groceries grab a cup of coffee and run some errands.

Drinking coffee to Colombians is as natural as breathing air.

But it’s not just about the coffee. It’s about the fabulous pastries, cakes and sweets to accompany the coffee.


One day, it stuck Miro and I that there were at least two sweet shops per block. One day we decided to count all of the sweet shops on Carrera 23 and snap images of the delicious, delectable and scrumptious sweets so you can get an idea of our experience there. There were 31 shops selling cakes, pastries, candy and such on this street alone.

Mouth watering yet?

Well, instead of more words, feast your eyes on these sweets. We guarantee you, looking contains zero calories!

With so many sweets in this town, Miro asks “Why is there such a lack of fat people?”

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