Cemeteries, Abandoned Buildings & Frightening Places

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Every country has them…abandoned scary places. Places that give you goose bumps and make the hair on the back of your neck prickle. For Halloween I thought I’d compile my best scary and creepy pictures from around the globe. It’s heavy on abandoned buildings and cemeteries since those are two things I love to photograph.

Let’s hope you don’t ever get stuck in some of these place alone at night! Trick or Treat! Just in time for Halloween.

Beelitz Abandoned

The abandoned cafeteria of Beelitz Heilstätten, a sanatorium for tuberculosis treatment methods in the early 20th century near Berlin.

haunted house ireland

An old crumbling house in Connemara Ireland

Delhi cemetery

Graves in Delhi India

door shadow

Situated in old East Berlin, the abandoned Alte Fleischfabrik (Old Meat Factory) was owned by the Konsumgenossenschaft (KGB), a consumer association, and was established in 1899.

Presentation Cemetery Cork

Graves of the sisters at the Presentation Convent Cemetery in Cork Ireland

broken lock

A broken lock at one of the many buildings of Beelitz

voodoo gravesight new orleans

Voodoo graves in New Orleans


A grave remains in this residential area in Kauai Hawaii

Residential School Alert Bay

St. Michael’s Indian Residential School in Alert Bay BC Canada. Abandoned school where the First Nations people were forced to assimilate into Canadian Catholic culture.

abandoned home Maui

Abandoned home on Maui Hawaii

haunted dentist

Beelitz Sanatorium near Berlin also had a dental room…not a place I’d like to be for a tooth ache.

Muckross Abbey cemetery

Muckross Abbey in Kilarney Ireland. Old graves intermingle with new among the ruins of an old Abbey. Creepy to walk around on a rainy day.

STASI Prison

Old STASI prison cell in East Berlin.

Abandoned house PEi

Abandoned house that reminded me of a scene from Poltergeist. Found on Prince Edward Island Canada – the weeds/flowers are a nice touch…

printing factory berlin

Abandoned Printing factory outside of Berlin

Beelitz abandoned photography

Beelitz room – not too cozy…

Abandoned Turkey

A destroyed and abandoned resort along the Lycian Way in Turkey

PEI Cemetery

Cemetery next to the raging sea on Prince Edward Island Canada


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