Cardinal Virtues of The Maltese Cross: Prudence, Temperance, Justice & Fortitude


Maltese Cross

The Maltese Cross a symbol seen everywhere you look on the island of Malta

With Easter only a couple of weeks ago, I was in the mood to explore the concept of the cross where I have seen it in my travels, focusing in this post on the country of Malta. The Maltese cross is known for it’s 8 points and is a symbol of the Knights Hospitaller (Knights of Malta). The history behind the cross is varied and complex, there seem to be few facts that were in agreement.

This was one of the few things in agreement – the four arms of the Cross stand for the four Cardinal Virtues – prudence, temperance, justice and fortitude.

Putting aside the historical significance of the Maltese cross, it is the modern day symbol of Malta and you will find it everywhere – yes everywhere. In fact, when I was traveling in Malta I made a game out of it trying to photograph all of the places I saw it, in windows, lamps, fabric, walls, and doors. In fact once you sort of trained your eye for it you saw it everywhere.  Next time you travel to Malta – see how many different places you can spot the 8 point cross!

maltese cross 2


Balcony Design

Balcony Design



maltese cross

Wooden Cross

maltese cross

Iron work on windows

maltese cross

Lamp shade

maltese cross

Window Design



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