Barcelona’s Chupitos: Hundreds of Shots on the Menu…

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If you love a good party or frankly, just like to try different kinds of alcohol drinks especially as “shots,” then Chupitos in Barcelona Spain is a must-go bar for you.

“Chupitos”, which means “shots” in English, has a menu of hundreds of different types of shots, all invitingly listed on a huge board on a wall in front of the bar. All you have to do is turn around and pick.

They have everything from your average shots of house vodka to the most undreamed of concoctions featuring things like mint syrup, M&Ms, and S’mores ingredients. And don’t flee for the nearest exit when you see raging flames; the bartenders like to put on a show for their drunk customers by setting the bar on fire.

With shots such as the “Cub Scout Shot”, the “Camp Fire Shot”, and the “M&M Shot”, your night is sure to be entertaining. But the item most tourists enjoy ordering for their friends is the “Monica Lewinsky Shot”. I’ll say nothing other than that it involves a blindfold, a big hollow dildo, whipped cream, a yelling dominatrix, and lots of photo-documentation of the poor fool who agreed to take such a ridiculously-named shot in the first place.

The bar itself isn’t the cleanest place in the world, and as the crowd tends to be quite rowdy, many people opt to make Chupitos their first stop of the night before heading on to other bars or clubs.


Carrer d’Aribau, 77  08032 Barcelona, Spain

Phone: 699 77 36 74

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