Addressing Fear in our Lives That Stop us from Living!


I’m not a fearful person. I view the world as a safe place. Therefore, we experience the world as a safe place. We follow the common sense rules of safety but we do not tend to put ourselves in dangerous situations. But we do trust humanity, trust our place in the world is secure, and it is. I think this is the most valuable lesson for my son, as we experience humanity as our family.

So, how do you get there?

How do you gracefully break out of your comfort zone?

1.) Get comfortable being uncomfortable. That’s really the first step. Go on, it’s not all bad, just a little uncomfortable. Once you get used to it, it actually feels good, exhilarating, really.

2.) Listen to your inspiration. It’s there. Sometime your voice of inspiration is screaming loudly. Other times is a quiet feeling. But it’s always there. And regardless of the intensity right now, do know that you are naturally equipped with inspiration. Your first task in regards to inspiration, is identifying what inspires you. Then you hand over your inspiration to become action. Then you move on to your next step….. trusting your inner guidance system.

3.) Trust your inner guidance system. Born and ready to go, turned on and inside of each and every individual is this fabulous system designed to be constantly checking that you are ok. How do you know it’s working? You feel it… Does this decision feel good? (Yes? No? Regardless, that’s your inner guidance system hard at work and in action.) If the answer is yes, then do it. If the answer is no, don’t do it.

Did you hear that?


It works.

Here’s some tips on changing your beliefs, because sometimes that’s the only way:

Trust. Trust..


  • Trust everything will be ok.
  • Trust the world will support you and your family.
  • Trust that things will always work out.
  • Trust that the world is a safe place.
  • Trust you will find a way to support yourself and your family.
  • Trust things will happen in it’s own time.
  • Trust yourself.

But back to the fear…. how do you overcome the fear and find the courage?

Courage is not required.

Let’s take a look at why you think you need courage in the first place. It’s one reason: FEAR.

Fear is crippling. And from the countless emails I’ve received , it seems the number one thing between you and your dreams of traveling is FEAR. Along those lines, I have been asked more times than I can count, where did I found the courage to choose our lifestyle?

I am going to reveal my secret to you here (in case you weren’t listening….):

Again, courage is not required, all you need is inspiration.

…and the only way I had the freedom to listen to my inspiration was by not buying into the fear. In other words, I had to understand what fear was, comprehend my relationship to it, then renegotiate it’s role in my life.

Do you want fear in your life? Seriously?  If it’s in your life, you are choosing it… Let’s take a look at what it really is.


Fear cripples. Fear keeps people from their dreams. Fear is what has kept you from anything you want, including a travel lifestyle.

But fear of what?

Fear of travel?

Certainly not.

Fear of suitcases?

I’m certain this isn’t it.

Fear of foreign lands? Fear of cultures, fear of adventure?

I seriously doubt that is is..

Then what?

Let’s take this opportunity to look at fear, straight in the face:

You’re not afraid of the dark. You’re afraid of what’s in it. You’re not afraid of heights. You’re afraid of the pain of falling. You’re not afraid of people around you. You are afraid of rejection. You’re not afraid to love. You’re just afraid of not being loved back. And you’re not afraid of traveling. You are simply afraid of the unknown.

How is not knowing something to fear? It’s not. It’s just a small step out of your comfort zone. And, that’s perfectly ok.

Fear of the unknown.

I have heard that people are people are more afraid of uncertainty than physical pain. Seriously?

Return to the present moment, return to the people who are there with you on the journey right now…

Wikipedia defines fear as

Fear is a distressing negative sensation induced by a perceived threat. It is a basic survival mechanism occurring in response to a specific stimulus, such as pain or the threat of danger. In short, fear is the ability to recognize danger leading to an urge to confront it or flee from it (also known as the fight-or-flight response) but in extreme cases of fear (terror) a freeze or paralysis response is possible.


Lainie Liberti
Lainie Liberti is a recovering branding expert, who’s career once focused on creating campaigns for green - eco business, non-profits and conscious business. Dazzling clients with her high-energy designs for over 18 years, Lainie lent her artistic talents to businesses that matter.  But that was then.

In 2008, after the economy took a turn, Lainie decided to be the change (instead of a victim) and began the process of “lifestyle redesign,” a joint decision between both her and her 11-year-old son, Miro. They sold or gave away all of of their possessions in 2009 and began a life of travel, service, and exploration. Lainie and her son Miro began their open-ended adventure backpacking through Central and South America. They are slow traveling around the globe allowing inspiration to be their compass. The pair is most interested in exploring different cultures, contributing by serving, and connecting with humanity as ‘global citizens.’

Today Lainie considers herself a digital nomad who is living a location independent life. She and her son write and podcast their experiences from the road at Raising Miro on the Road of Life.
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