5 of the Quirkiest Places on the British Island of Guernsey

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Guernsey is a quirky little island found in the English Channel and although it is geographically closer to France, it remains loyal to the British crown. This mixture of French and British culture has given the island a truly unique feel and character. Today I am going to take you through 5 weird and wonderful Guernsey places to visit:

Hauteville House, Guernsey

Hauteville House

Hauteville House was home to the French poet, novelist and dramatist Victor Hugo for the majority of his 15 year stay in Guernsey. This eccentric and ornate home has been turned into a museum and preserved to be exactly as it would have been found in the eighteen hundreds. Hugo, most famous for works such as Les Misèrables, was a quirky man and this is immediately apparent from the moment you step through the door. This truly is a bizarrely brilliant place to visit during your trip in Guernsey. (above).

Isle of Sark


The Island of Sark is part of the Bailiwick of Guernsey and just a 50-minute ferry journey from Guernsey’s capital St. Peter Port. Visiting Sark is like stepping back in time, with no cars the residents get around by bicycle or horse and carriage, which adds to the quirky charm of the island. Sark is split into two islands, the main island, which is just over two square miles, and Little Sark which is accessed by a narrow cliff pass. A wonderfully weird place to visit while in the Bailiwick.

La Vallette Underground Military Museum

La Vallette Underground Military Museum

The Underground Military Museum covers all aspects of Guernsey’s history, focusing mainly on military history. It is set in a complex network of tunnels that were built by the Germans as a fuel storage facility during the occupation. The intriguing museum covers everything from WWI to the German Occupation and the island’s Militia.

Little Chapel, Sark

The Little Chapel

The Little Chapel, possibly the smallest chapel in the world, is a work of art and labour of love. The Chapel is beautifully decorated with seashells, colourful pieces of broken china and pebbles that add to the quirkiness of the location. Brother Dèodat who started work in 1914 built it with a plan to create a miniature version of the famous grotto and basilica at Lourdes in France. A wonderful and unique place to visit while in Guernsey.

Sausmarez Manor

Sausmarez Manor

Sausmarez Manor is possibly one of the most interesting and varied places to visit on the island. There is a weird mix match of so many things to do see and do here from the lakeside cafè and 9 hole pitch and put course to the delightful gardens and an Edwardian Tin and Coppersmiths. There is also a fabulous sculpture festival that has more sculptors exhibiting their works than anywhere else in Britain. The subtropical garden is set in ancient woodland around two small lakes.

This is a guest post by Jake who loves Guernsey.

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