South America: A Journey into Peru’s Jungle

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8:15 – The muddy path invites me. With my rubber boots I have no fear.

9:22 – The view from the top of the observation canopy tower takes my breath away while challenging my comfort level. We see as the birds see, if only I could fly…

10:02 – Still life compositions found everywhere on the jungle floor. I can’t help but to appreciate the beauty with each foot step. I am finally realizing the perfection in all of it.

11:39 – The evidence of a tasty treat. The Brazil nut tree offers an abundant feast for the jungle’s residents. Realizing how beautiful the supply chain really is, in the jungle.

11:59 – Finding so much to appreciate, textures, patterns, nature. My world has blown wide open.

12:53 – Connecting with others was one of the many gifts. The boys shared their experiences and waited together for the next adventure.

1:56 – Three boys sharing the their fantastic journey over snacks and zombie chat. I feel honored to witness their voyage.

3:02 – Beautiful nourishment wrapped in a banana leaf. Feeling nothing but gratitude and subdued hunger.

3:43 – The ecological problems are apparent, as the evidence dulls the water. However, I still feel so much beauty around which gives me hope.

4:05 – I feel so much love. What a gift to see this experience reflected in my son’s eyes. Certain this journey will shape his life.

5:25 – Muddy shoes have never been so beautiful. These little feet wait patiently upon the slats of our tiny boat. Soon we’ll reach our destination and those feet will once again be in motion.

6:20 – Vines wrapping around it’s host in perfect harmony, like natures embrace.

8:28 – A resting spider on a leaf, we’re in his home, after all.


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