Peru: Top Ten Simple Albeit Great Things About Cusco

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There’s so many things to love about Cusco – here are ten simple but beautiful things to get there.


1: Food.

Cuisine in Cusco is one of the best things about it. The variety, diversity, presentation, taste, all of it.

2: Weather.

Many people will tell you that the weather in Cusco sucks. I disagree. There’s no better feeling than listening to the rain as you drift off or getting under the covers with a book.

3:  Stray Llamas:

You got to love ‘em, they’re freaking llamas.

4: Bakeries:

Brownies cakes and cookies, oh my!

5: Mamitas:

The women in the market are extremely friendly (most of the time), and make going to the market at least 10 times better.

6: Almost no sun.

Because getting sun burnt sucks.

7:  Alpaca sweaters and beanies.

Sure, they may be touristy, but it feels like a giant layer of warm marshmallow on your body. Oh god the softness…

8:  It’s quiet (most of the time, at least).

Being in a quiet area lets you get more work done and relax, although sometimes it’s too quite, and you feel like Slenderman is watching you as you sleep.

9: It’s safe.

This one is obvious, as I’m almost never in the mood to be robbed.

10: Llamas.

I know I already said llamas, but c’mon. It’s like if you crossed a giraffe and a pony, and then gave it the ability to spit really far and made it have eyelashes. What’s not to love?

By Miro Siegel

Lainie Liberti
Lainie Liberti is a recovering branding expert, who’s career once focused on creating campaigns for green - eco business, non-profits and conscious business. Dazzling clients with her high-energy designs for over 18 years, Lainie lent her artistic talents to businesses that matter.  But that was then.

In 2008, after the economy took a turn, Lainie decided to be the change (instead of a victim) and began the process of “lifestyle redesign,” a joint decision between both her and her 11-year-old son, Miro. They sold or gave away all of of their possessions in 2009 and began a life of travel, service, and exploration. Lainie and her son Miro began their open-ended adventure backpacking through Central and South America. They are slow traveling around the globe allowing inspiration to be their compass. The pair is most interested in exploring different cultures, contributing by serving, and connecting with humanity as ‘global citizens.’

Today Lainie considers herself a digital nomad who is living a location independent life. She and her son write and podcast their experiences from the road at Raising Miro on the Road of Life.
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One Response to Peru: Top Ten Simple Albeit Great Things About Cusco

  1. Kody Goodwin April 24, 2013 at 2:04 pm #

    Is it the climate that causes almost no sun?

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