Lost in the Peruvian Jungle….

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8:01 – The rainbow tree appears rather colorless. Just give it a month.

9:09 – Challenge accepted.

10:14 – The leaves crunch under my feet.

1:47 – Tree hurricane feels twisted. Only in the jungle.

12:02 -Once a home for Orapendula, now it’s empty.

1:36 – Even hunters rest, calculate and watch.

2:22 – We met this amazing family by the shore. They were in the middle of their lunch, so we didn’t interrupt. That would just be rude, after all.

3:07 – Geese on the lookout, to be fair, they are endangered.

4:32 – Arrived at our next, home. Home sweet home.

5:56 – Going separate ways is just a part of life.

6:40 – A night jungle walk challenges. New sounds to hear, camera flash shows what tree looks like in the dark.

8:10 – The hammocks are calling, the living sound of jungle life surrounds me.


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