La Paz For Spicy Hot Curries, Bolivian Style

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I was in La Paz in Bolivia drinking in the world’s highest Irish Pub with a fellow Northern Irishman who shares with me a must try restaurant which gives you a free t-shirt for eating ALL of the world’s hottest curry. I was well up for the challenge and return to take the task on. We ventured through La Paz’s Market area down to Cochabamba Street where the Star of India sat waiting for us. The curry was a mere 40 Bolivianas (£4) although you can add rice and bread to the order to diffuse the hot spices a bit which I’d recommend.  


Triumphant and deserving, my friend Benoit got his free t-shirt with the name and address of the restaurant, as well as the boast “I survived the world’s most dangerous vindaloo.” I was jealous, but at least one out of the two of us had finished it. If you’re up for the task, check it out when you’re in La Paz and are a lover of curries.

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