The Magic of Bora Bora

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There was an early show last night at 6:30 PM. It was listed as “the magic and illusions of Steve and Tricia Blake and International Puppet Master Ray Solaire.” Ray is the Cruise Director and has been working on ships for 40 years; a cruise director for 32of them. He opened with a song and had a large parrot “puppet” attached to his legs and body. When he moved his legs, the parrot did the same. He is a good ventriloquist, but didn’t interact with his dummy. So when the “parrot” sang or talked, Ray looked into the audience or off to the left. Well, OK it was cute. He then introduced the magician.

His act was the usual, lots of scarves changing color; cards disappearing, and finally he put his wife in a metal cube. In went the swords, then out came the swords. Then out of the top came his wife……and then another woman. That was cool.

Ray was back. No parrot, no puppet, just Ray. He sang a song from Jekyll and Hyde. He then introduced “black” magic; lots of things going around and up and down in vivid color. The lighting and dark clothes and head covering made the manipulators invisible. That was also cool, then not so cool, then not so hot. It went on far too long. Ray then closed with the theme from Les Miserables. Good heavens, I now know what made them so miserable. Michael was squirming in her seat; I was checking my watch hoping the song would be over before dinner. Ray got a standing ovation. I am so out of this loop.

Dinner was in Latitudes

which will serve Indian food until our last week and then switch to Indochine. The food was good and very spicy which I love. I am sure our subsequent exhales added to global warming.

This morning I felt like I had the flu. I am allergic to garlic and go to some lengths to avoid it. Our food last night was loaded with it, but the garlic was camouflaged under the fiery sauces. Who knew?

Michael and I carry our cameras wherever we go. For some reason we didn’t take them to breakfast and thus missed the shot of the trip. A female officer is going home tomorrow. As a tender goodbye, three male officers threw her, fully uniformed, into the swimming pool. We were the only passengers to see it happen.

Regent’s Paul Gauguin

is anchored nearby and our passengers were invited to visit her.

Gauguin’s were invited to check out the Mariner.

We tendered over for lunch.

Basically there were tenders from both ships going to shore, and also back and forth between the boats. The Tahitian kayakers were having a ball riding our wake.

The immediate area near the Bora Bora dock is not terribly inviting. A gaggle of pearl shops; T-shirts; and roadside vendors. There was one grocery store that proved the French influence has not diminished.

Tonight I am dragging Michael to the jazz concert which will feature Michelle Amato. I received an e-mail asking me where to get her CD. As well here on the Mariner, try her website at

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