O’ Lucky Man!

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O Lucky Man

“Smile while you’re makin’ it, Laugh while you’re takin’ it,

Even though you’re fakin’ it, Nobody’s gonna know…”

Now, that’s a slogan to live by, no?

These lines, taken from the English 1973 movie “O Lucky Man” staring Malcolm McDowell, Helen Mirren and musician Alan Price, have been with me ever since I came across them written on a t-shirt I found one day as a teenager.   And many years later they still have a romantic hold over me.   Shouldn’t I be more passionate? Shouldn’t I be less careful?  Shouldn’t I somehow be more me?  Aren’t these questions we all ask at times?

In this blog, I’ll be looking for answers.  And perhaps some readers will find sympathy with some of what’s covered here.  Others may take offense.  Still others might try to shape the course of any dialog that establishes itself.  These are all worthy responses.  And I encourage them.

Topics that I suspect will be discussed in this blog might include: the place of technology in our lives; recent musical discoveries I’ve made; stupid stuff about working in a hi-tech company; and even more stupid stuff about being in a rock band.

Where shall we start?

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