Unleashing Your Fans

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There’s a great post on unlocking fans using social media over at VentureBeat’s Entrepreneur Corner. The gist of it is below. Full post here.

Identify the right fans: Understanding and knowing who your true fans are. True fans aren’t necessarily people who are evangelists of your company. They could be proponents of the broader category of technology that you sell or could even be fans of your competitors.

Listen to your fans: Once you have identified and followed the fans of your company and your industry, listen to them. Establish a process for regularly watching the trending topics of the people who care about your space. In other words, fish your pond, not the ocean. Then, create a data feed from your fans outputs and then use search more effectively on broader terms.

Engage with your fans: Once you know who your fans are and what they’re talking about, you can more effectively interact with them. Reply to their tweets, comment on their blogs, or generate original content that addresses an emerging topic your fan base is talking about. All of this will strengthen the connections to your closer community.

Market to your fans: Your true fan list should be one of your most valuable marketing assets. As you establish these contacts, your marketing promotions can become that much more effective and viral. Keep your fans top of mind when you want to solicit product feedback, launch a product, promote an event, create a white paper or host a webinar or online forum.

Give tools to your fans: Give them tools so they can market for you. You can generate promotional items and marketing content that your fan list can get behind, promote to their own network and evangelize on your behalf.

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