Toronto in the Very Late Fall, The Frigid Cold Air Is A' Comin'!

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Ah yes November. Not officially winter yet but it’s starting to feel like it with every passing day. And if you live in many parts of the US and Canada these days, the Polar Apocalypse as I like to call it (Polar Vortex sounds too…weak), you may think it’s the middle of January already.

The good news is, it’s not mid-January. The bad news is…well see previous paragraph. The colors are still vivid but it’s only a matter of time in Toronto before we’ll get hit with ice and snow on a regular basis.

Before the cold made its way to Toronto, we were lucky enough to have one last day of beautiful weather. And by beautiful I mean 17C (or about 63 degrees Fahrenheit), sunny skies and a lovely, comfortable breeze. Seems like ages ago.

I did what any warm weather loving Torontonian would do on a day like that. I went outside. I headed to the Toronto Islands.

Great in the summer but as I found out, many parts of the Islands are just stunning and naturally beautiful in Autumn. Take a look at the pictures below to give you a better idea of what I mean. Information about the islands and how to get there are at the bottom.

Happy travels!

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