The Wifi-Enabled Camera: Road Tripping Made Easy

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Rearview Mirror

When we drove across country in December, I had a thousand and one opportunities for blog posts, Facebook updates, tweets, and Flickr photos.  I probably took about 700 pictures during the trip, and you know how many made it onto the web?  Maybe a dozen.  The rest are still waiting to be resized, cropped, and uploaded out of my harddrive and out into the free world. Yes, I am the laziest (or perhaps the busiest) blogger in the world.  I’m still writing about that road trip, even now, since my blogging time has been reduced down to nil.

The problem that I’m having now is that so much time has passed, I have a hard time remember all the details that I might have wanted to share, like I’m looking in my rearview mirror, but the objects are not closer than they appear.  It would have been nice to just be able to post pictures as they were happening and go back and fill in the details or the reasons I took the picture in the first place. After five years, I don’t think I’ve really gotten this blogging thing down yet.

SH100_F_B_Global_4 When the Clever Girls asked its bloggers to write about a new Wifi-enabled camera from Samsung, I thought this ingenious little camera deserved some airtime.  The Samsung SH100, is a camera that helps you share your world instantly across all your social networks to your friends and families anywhere.  This would be a great Mother’s Day gift (or birthday…or holiday…or just because-you’re-awesome type gift…not that I’m hinting here, but it also comes in red).

Samsung is so sure that people will love this little camera, they are taking it on the road.  It’s a cool concept, of handing off the camera in different cities from New York to California, and seeing the types of shots people come up with.  If you would like to follow along during the camera’s roadtrip across America, check out the  Samsung USA Facebook page.

The 14.5 Megapixel, HD SH100 camera with a 5X zoom lens, retails for about $199. I may need to get one of these before my next trip.

For more about the SH100 road trip, check out this video:


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