The Indianapolis' INDY 500 in America's Midwest


In late May, I went from a town filled with scooters, to a town filled with the fastest cars in the world, and finally landed in a town filled with taxi’s.  It was a motion-filled, fun week traveling from Spain, to Indianapolis an d then back to New York City.

I sadly left Spain after a month of soaking up the wine, food, and gin of Catalonia, and fittingly I flew back to the US with a wicked hangover.  I went to Indy to check off a bucket list item – to see the Indy 500 in person – but I quickly learned that Indianapolis is much more than fast cars!  The food, art, and beautifully designed parks/trails were stunning.  It has been 15 years since I lived in the midwest and clearly Midwestern towns like Indy have upped their game a LOT since I lived there!  Tons of fast cars and cute drivers – below, a visual walk of the race and of cultural fines in Indianapolis.

Indianapolis Instagram

Indianapolis Instagram

Indianapolis Instagram

Indianapolis Instagram

Indianapolis Instagram



Sherry Ott
Sherry Ott is a refugee from corporate IT who is now a long term traveler, blogger, and photographer. She’s a co-founder of, a website offering career break travel inspiration and advice.

Additionally, she runs an around the world travel blog writing about her travel and expat adventures at
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