SXSW Interactive 2011 Photo Picks


Below are some random photos shot at SXSW Interactive 2011:

Scott Beale had his meet-up at the Ginger Man again and as usual, it was a fabulous turnout in the back deck where the weather and beer was grand.

The art room and ginger man pub nite 1 (3)

A bunch of VCs including Blumberg Capital and Intel Capital threw a fabulous pitch afternoon and networking bash at a steakhouse

The vc party at the steakhouse (1)

Dachis Group had an amazing rooftop party at the Art Room on Congress Street

The art room and ginger man pub nite 1 (8)

Hey there Tantek Celik….I landed in your microformats panel thinking it was the South African Technology Summit (wrong day: LOL)

Sanford Barr (don’t forget that tweeting for meat IS the WAY to go Sanford)

The infamous red couch at the Ritz Carlton (thx The Mix Agency and sponsors)

Red couch
The Plancast guys: Mark Hendrickson and Jay Marcyes

Plancast (2)
Sixth Street had no shortage of pool tables….or draft beer

Mashable party (15)
Steve Rosenbaum with his new book on curation (there was a book signing and he’s soon going on the road)

Steve magnify on curation book (1)
Susan Etlinger, Chris Shipley

Sxsw parties (2)
Frederic Lardinois, Sarah Perez from ReadWriteWeb

Readwriteweb (1)
More Mashable (not quite as much brand recogntion as Pepsi but after four parties, it was getting close)

Mashable party (7)
Cathy Brooks & friends (thx for the great invites Cath)

Sxsw parties (7)
Joe stump, Natalie Pethouhoff, Renee Blodgett, Jay Adelson

The art room and ginger man pub nite 1 (2)
Adrant’s Steve Hall in a rare moment without his camera


Kevin Marks, Renee Blodgett, Ewan Spence, Heli Haapkyla

Sxsw parties (5)
Acrobats in motion for our entertainment only….Kenichi Restaurant (there was a chick in silver too in case gold isn’t your color)

The path party (29)
Mobile meets social meets geo-logo meets?

The vc party at the steakhouse (3)

Alicia Navarro of Skimlinks at the Path Party

The path party (50)
Late night…….but not late late night (that was the Driskell and beyond). Did I mention East Sixth Street — across the bridge? Where all the authentic BBQ food trucks are? (see below)

Mashable party (2)
Mashable allowed peeps to play in front of the camera

Mashable party (9)
Got to hang a bit with Juliette Powell during the Chris Cornell concert (Canadians continue to rock!)

Juliette-powell and renee (3)
Nokia’s Manager of Crowdsourcing, Concepting & Innovation over from Finland: Heli Haapkyla

Nokia chick
Aza Raskin, Tristan Harris

Group shots at edelman party guy in middle card wcross (3)
Groupon’s CTO Ken Pelletier (left)

At clayshirky talk guy from minnesota andken (3)
Hamming around at the Mashable Bash

Mashable party (21)
Yes, that’d be Jeremy Tanner

Group shots at edelman party guy in middle card wcross (2)
USA Today’s Jon Swartz, Jay Meaney

Hugh MacLeod (aka @gapingvoid) getting creative in the blogger lounge with Liz Strauss behind him.

Hugh (2)
Seth Priebatsch gave an inspiring talk which brought gamification into the real world: business and education. He also engaged the crowd and got us all to play a game to prove the point that unified action is powerful. Here’s an extensive blog post including video I did on his keynote.

Game we played with seth (4)
Angry Birds get far too much credit if you ask me, but then again, I don’t get fads that get this much attention for a stuffed creation that are not anywhere as cute as stuffed teddy bears.

Ewan (1)
Yup, that’s Chris Saad and ReadWriteWeb’s Mike Melanson at the Nokia bash

Chris-saad mike from microsoft and mike from RWW (2)
The Blogger Lounge had Samsung as a sponsor as well as others, free wings, beer, diet coke, crackers, cheese and of course music and panels along the way.

Blogger lounge
You don’t need a music pass to enjoy some of Austin’s talent. Many of the 1,900 bands who showed up for the week actually play in the streets and in the local bars. These guys actually named their band the night before I met them, well sort of. They don’t actually have it nailed down yet. When they do, I’ll report back.

Band in street (3)
Patrick from The Next Web tried to raise money for Japan.

Ayelet patrick nextweb reneee (1)
Then there was Uber, which was a popular app at the show. It provides on-demand town car service via both its app and text messaging service. You simply launch a map so Uber determines where you are, lock down where you would like to be picked up and put in a credit card.

Austin street (2)

Late late night.

Mashable party (8)

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