Spa La Quinta: Where Mountains & Desert Meets Peace & Relaxation

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When next in the Los Angeles or Palm Springs area, take a turn east and head to La Quinta where you’ll find the La Quinta Hotel and Resort. Here, they house a luxurious spa a notch above the rest. Nestled in a desert cove surrounded by mountains and palm trees, the spa is nearby Palm Springs where the weather is almost always perfect, a great option for a romantic long weekend getaway, or even a retreat for your company. Likely, you’ll decide to stay at the resort itself and why not? Each room has its own patio area and some of them have their own private yards with tables, chairs and recliners.

I opted for a massage treatment which was provided by Kim Ryan and let’s just say after the fact, I felt incredibly “renewed.” I’ve heard that all of their therapists are top notch but feel free to request the style and energy you want and they can likely come up with a great match for you.

The best pampering came from esthetician Terese Molloy who not only has in-depth knowledge about skin and skincare products, but she’s incredibly funny as well. Part of what many spas don’t get is that its not just about providing service, it’s about creating an ‘experience,’ which La Quinta’s spa gets in spades. While she wasn’t making me laugh, which for someone like me is also relaxing, she did what she does best, which included extractions, steam, a peel and a mask. They use an organic skin line called Naturopathica and the treatment I had was called the “Natural Facelift + BT  Micro”.

This service incorporates the new BT-Micro system that utilizes both ultrasonic and micro-current technologies.  White Tea Antioxidant Mask and herbal enzymes gently exfoliate and cleanse while the facial features plant stem cell serum for a powerful combination of protective and corrective antioxidants, which only serve to improve the skin’s overall texture and help decrease the thing we angst over most: the anti-aging process. All of the key ingredients in the treatment are moved deeply into the skin with the assistance of BT-Micro’s ultrasonic. Gentle micro-current firms facial muscles while dramatically diminishing fine lines, improving elasticity and enhancing collagen production.

They also offer something referred to as the HydraFacial™, which is a new non-invasive skin resurfacing and skin rejuvenation system designed to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, acne, hyper-pigmentation, congested pores and uneven skin tone with no surgery, injections, discomfort and downtime.  They also offer Al fresco water therapies so you can either find solitude in a private garden tub or to invigorate the senses through a cascading Swiss-style Celestial Shower.

A few other more unique treatments I learned about but didn’t have time to try, include the:

  • SACRED STONE THERAPY: Imagine smooth, warmed basalt stones in concert with geranium and sage essential oils as they are integrated with relaxing Swedish massage techniques.
  • LOMI LOMI: This Hawaiian tradition, also known as “loving hands,” utilizes massage techniques with continuous, flowing strokes that move gently, yet deeply, into the muscles, enabling you to relax and give in.
  • DESERT DUET: Swedish or Custom massage, you can get a massage together with your partner.
  • GROUNDING EARTH REFLEXOLOGY: Balinese grains and spices cleanse the legs and prepare the feet for this age-old tradition. Reflexology is known to open energy pathways and initiate full-body relaxation.
  • SHIATSU: Japanese tradition to balance and allow innate energy movement.

Of course they have other facial and massage treatments on offer as well as nail and hair salon in case you decide you don’t want to leave the property at all for several days.

Below, the spa entrance.

Below, the inside reception area.

Below, a glimpse of their spa tub. What’s so lovely about this resort is how remote it feels with the Santa Rosa Mountain in the background, providing a relaxing view at every turn. The Spanish Colonial architecture is also beautiful and set against the desert environment, it provides a sense of  being in an oasis, one surrounded by the breathtaking Coachella Valley landscape.

The Spa Director who couldn’t have been warmer and more professional is Leslie Johnson. Given that my schedule is often not my own, I run around a hundred miles a minute and am alway son the go, I was a little frantic when I arrived since I had a limited window before having to head off for a dinner three hours away. They couldn’t have been more accommodating and Leslie’s warm smile and integrative approach relaxed me the moment I set foot through the spa’s entrance door.

The facilities themselves are also top notch, and I only wish I had more time to hang out in their relaxation lounge which had a fireplace, comfy couches and chairs to sip tea or you could sit outside and soak up a little sun as well. There’s a sauna and a steam room, both of which I tried as well and highly recommend. We Blog the World gives this spa facility two thumbs up and a strong recommendation. Call, ask for Leslie and she’ll set you up with a pampering appointment or two that will melt you away.

Disclosure: they hosted my spa treatment while I was there, but all of my opinions are most definitely my own. Be sure to check out some of our other Top Spas & Resorts write ups as well.

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