Puerto Vallarta's OHTLI Spa Boasts 22K Square Feet of Pampering


On a recent getaway to Puerto Vallarta, I had an opportunity to soak up some R&R time at Puerto Vallarta’s Ohtli Spa (be sure to read the write-up on my STAY).  With more than 22,000 square feet of space, Ohtli is slated to be one of the best spas in Mexico. They have Aromatic showers, steam and sauna rooms, dipping pools, a relaxing lounge area with cucumber and lemon infused water and teas, robes and an indoor relaxing pool area where you can also swim laps.

One of the more unusual therapies they offer is Rebirth Therapy, which is performed in water, and entirely focused on meditation and relaxation. Your therapist will guide you through a series of rhythmic movements that relax your mind, muscle tissue and joints, allowing you to gradually drift into a meditative state. With regular treatments, you should experience improved flexibility and a strengthened immune system.

Yelapa-Reiki Touch Therapy is another service they offer, which is worth mentioning. It’s a light touch therapy that integrates Huihol Shamanistic meditation with western polarity therapy. As the rich scent of copal incense fills the air, your therapist guides you through conscious breathing and into deep relaxation. I had the Rosemary-Peppermint Therapeutic Massage – I am a fan of rosemary since it stimulates circulation and peppermint is fabulous for soothing and cooling muscle tissue. Below is the indoor pool they use for Rebirth Therapy.

The therapy rooms are equally divine — relaxing and meditative in every way with dim lights, candles and tranquil music while you have your treatment!

A wall insert on the way from the locker room to the spa pool area – I loved this!

Some of the more special treasured treatments they offer are listed below:

  • Sensorial Swedish Massage features a traditional Swedish massage technique with warm massage oils infused with citric essential oils — think grapefruit, orange, tangerine and lemon.
  • Yelapa-Reiki Touch Therapy is a light touch therapy with deeply relaxing benefits, which integrates Huichol Shamanistic meditation with western polarity therapy for a profound journey into a peaceful and relaxed state of mind. As the rich scent of copal incense fills the air, your therapist guides you through conscious breathing and into deep relaxation.
  • Rosemary-Peppermint Therapeutic — deeply penetrating deep tissue work massages away stiff, sore and tired muscles. Rosemary stimulates circulation and the peppermint soothes and cools muscle tissue. Bravo — my favorite!
  • Coco-Lima Effleurage is a lighter touch massage, which is meant to warm the skin allowing the hydrating coconut oils to penetrate and soften. The fragrant lime energizes and tightens the skin for a fresh appearance and reduces the appearance of dimpling and uneven tones.
  • Piña-Mango — essences of pineapple and mango combine to create a tightening and toning oil blend. Combined with our specialized firming massage of gentle kneading and acupressure; this therapy will soften muscle tissue while creating a fresh toned skin appearance.
  • Reflexology –– an application of pressure point massage, this ancient healing technique applies pressure to the reflexes on the soles of the feet to release tension and fatigue and improve the body’s physical balance.
  • Soft Shiatsu Spa –– an ancient Japanese acupressure techniques which through energy balancing, will revitalize and enhance your overall well being.
  • Fire Opal Balancing Stone Therapy –– Mexican Fire Opal is said to stimulate circulation and provide energy during stressful times. This session begins with a traditional Huichol ensalmo (incantation) for peace. The therapist then cleanses your body and spirit, through placement of healing fire opals. As the opals transfer their positive energy through your body, the therapist uses smooth warm basalt stones to provide a deeply relaxing massage. The combination of therapies and sensations will clear the mind and relax the body at once.
  • Thai Massage — this traditional treatment is an ancient therapeutic procedure which provides relaxation; balance in various body centers, healthy blood circulation, and an overall manipulation of the physical form and structure of the body. Thai massage works pressure points, energy lines, and basic body forces which together produce a highly therapeutic effect.
  • Rebirth Therapy is performed in water and focuses on meditation and relaxation. Your therapist will guide you through a series of rhythmic movements that relax your mind, muscle tissue and joints, allowing you to gradually drift into a meditative state. With regular treatments, you will experience increased flexibility and strengthened immune system.
  • Blue Agave Syrup & Sea Salt Body Scrub uses gentle exfoliation with some of nature’s most plentiful and powerful resources smooth the body and leave behind fresh radiant skin. The coarse sea salt removes dead skin cells while the agave syrup and light coconut oil base seals in moisture and soothes the skin.
  • Honey Hibiscus Cocoon is a super hydrating and fragant body masque. This therapy wraps your body in a sweet and warm cocoon of honey hibiscus infused moisturizing cream. A cocoon of warm blankets allows pores to open and absorb maximum hydration.
  • Grapefruit Mango Body Treatment is a gentle exfoliation treatment that uses a mix of mango combined with the fresh aroma of the Mexican grapefruit and provides a high level of hydration.
  • Hydrating Tequila Coconut combines Tequila and Coconut which helps to hydrate the skin.
  • Aromatic/Anti-cellulite Wrap is a perfect combination of essential oils with a draining or firming massage. It restores the flexibility of tissues and improves their appearance. A plastifying mask is applied to enhance the benefits, finishing with a specific contouring body cream.
  • Chocolate Indulgence is an ancient recipe made with indigenous ingredients as Cocoa seeds, highly appreciated by our ancestors. Natural cell renewers and antioxidant elements are combined to create a journey to the past.
  • Clarity Bath is a full body scrub that will remove dead cells from your skin leaving it soft and fresh. Clarity will come as you soak in a warm blend of rosemary, peppermint and sage.
Fabulous right? There were a number of lovely fine touches in the spa, such as the basic flower assortment and natural cucumber platter below between the cold dipping pool and the hot tub.

Inside, cold and hot dipping pools sit across the fairly large jacuzzi, which was a godsend for my muscles after snorkeling one day on one of the local day cruises.

Oh so luxe, oh so pampering, oh so relaxing…….two thumbs up!

All treatments and experiences took place after soaking up the sun at the pool with coconut water and their fabulous margaritas, both beautifully presented — well worth the experience and only 3-4 flight from San Francisco and even less from LA.



Av Paseo de la Marina Norte

435 Marina Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco

México CP 48354


Phone: +52 322 226 0000


Note: I was hosted by the Marriott but all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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