Top Places To Go In Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley


If you happen to be traveling down I-81 between somewhere and somewhere else, here are a few spots in the Shenandoah Valley region that are worth a visit:

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  • Edelweiss German Restaurant, south of Staunton, Virginia, and just off 81 (exit 213). Delicious and authentic flavors. You can even get a bag of Semmel to go if you miss your morning rolls.
  • Gypsy Hill Park, Staunton, VA. I went there once and the kids loved it – fun train to ride on, nice playground and cute pond with ducks and swans etc. Last time I tried to go there I couldn’t find it though – it is somewhat elusive.
  • Virginia Safari Park, just south of Lexington, VA. Once again, a big hit with the kiddies. You can see a bunch of animals in a zoo-like setting close up (tigers, monkeys, giraffes), and also drive your car through the safari park, where you can get your car licked by all kinds of llamas, bison, deer, camels, and zebras.
  • Monticello (very close to Charlottesville, so a little farther east off 81)
  • downtown Charlottesville – cute! Lots of nice restaurants and shops

Places I’d like to get to:

  • Skyline drive and Shenandoah National park

Places people have told me are worth a visit, but are not really my thang:

  • All those caves and caverns they have around here

Kip Wilson
Kip Wilson is a freelance writer from Boston, MA. She earned her Ph.D. in German from SUNY Albany, and has lived in both Germany and Austria. She is a regular contributor to FACES magazine for children, and loves traveling to new places and writing about them. Some of her favorite topics include language, food, history, and travelling with small children.
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