Ping Fu on Overcoming Obstacles

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Chinese-born Ping Fu shared her life lessons and experiences with us at a recent Women@TheFrontier and Singularity University Event. From China to America, she made her way here without an education or the ability to speak English.

Wearing bright pink/red shoes and a necklace made from a 3D printer, she connected with the audience with her own great storytelling.

Ping describes herself as an artist and a scientist whose chosen expression is business. It’s in her bio and it’s something she says often in her presentations. Ping Fu and her shoes (3)

She co-founded Geomagic, a leading US software company which pioneers 3D technologies that fundamentally change the way products are designed and manufactured around the world…from repairing vintage cars at Jay Leno’s garage to preserving US treasures and digitally recreating the Statue of Liberty.

Another woman who has faced challenges and adversity, she has shown that staying close to your passion and not giving up works if you believe in what you’re doing. She is most known for her work with geometry processing, and computer graphics as well as her time as a writer for The China Times.

Inspirational on and off the stage, she has spent many years lecturing on such subjects as feminism, cultural criticism, and was news commentary at National Taiwan University and Taipei National University of the Arts, also serving as ambassador at large for Taiwan for a few years.

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