Organic Farm Popcorn, New England Style…

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It’s time to talk popcorn.  And I don’t mean the shrink-wrapped, artificially-flavored, mass-produced, super-market variety.  I’m talking about home-grown, hand-shucked, natural goodness that has been cultivate with love by Foxhollow Farm.  Now I must confess, I honestly had no idea that the beautiful bunches of multi-colored corn cobs hanging from the farmer’s market booths were anything other than attractive autumn decor.  But one pinch of a kernel brought me right into step, quickly releasing a golden nugget of goodness, one that is all-too familiar and instantly conjures thoughts of warm nights by a fire, hands slick with salt and butter as you grasp hungrily for another fistful of this addictive snack.  This discovery is what brought me to the very happy place of playing with fresh popping corn, the opportunities for experimentation endless.  I am a traditionalist when it comes to popcorn and will always choose a lightly buttered and semi-heavily salted batch for myself, but a quick seasoning of the salt (a touch of Maggie’s red pepper flakes!), an added dash of flavor in the butter (Bourbon Barrel Foods Soy Sauce did you say?!?) and you enter into a whole new realm of popped-corn happiness.  Continue reading and you will find a delicious recipe for Foxhollow Farm Kettle Corn as well as quick and mess-free method for popping whole cobs of this addictive treat.  The best part?  One stop at the Foxhollow Farm Store will provide you with everything you need from the popping corn to the whirley-pop (a stove-top popcorn making necessity!), a great gift combo for any popcorn lover in your life.

Foxhollow sells their popping corn on the cob and I have to say that I find something entrancing and therapeutic about removing the kernels of corn myself, a similar feeling I have when I take time to make my own pasta dough or to slow cook a pot of my favorite marinara sauce.  Something tells me it would be a big hit with kiddos as well!  And isn’t there something about popcorn that screams ‘art project?’

Speaking of kiddos… how about individual bags of popcorn, made to order and seasoned to your liking?  Mess free (well, until someone spills a handful) and ready in three minutes or less, I adore this handy trick.  Simply take a brown paper bag and place a whole cob of corn inside (you may also place a quarter cup of loose kernels in the bag).  Fold down the top of the bag and microwave on high for two-three minutes until the popcorn is light and fluffy, the kernels exploding off of the original cob.  Add butter/salt/seasoning to taste and enjoy!  If you prefer to cook loose kernels on the stovetop, I highly recommend using a whirley-pop, readily available at the Foxhollow Farm Store.  A heavy-bottom pot will work as well but the whirley-pop comes with a handy-dandy handle which extends into the pot and turns the kernels as they warm, keeping them from burning and making sure that the oil is evenly distributed.  Add enough oil to cover the bottom of the pot (I recommend using coconut oil for a healthy added depth of flavor), generally three tbs, and warm over medium-high heat.  Add the popcorn and turn the handle of the whirley-pop, cooking the popcorn until the popping begins to slow and you can count two-three seconds between each pop.  Remove from the heat and add salt/butter/seasoning to taste.

Have a sweet tooth?  You MUST try this recipe for Foxhollow Farm Kettle Corn.  You will not be disappointed… unless you attempt it without a whirley-pop or similar setup where the bottom of the pot is constantly being stirred.  Sugar is what makes kettle corn, kettle corn, and sugar LOVES to burn.  And once sugar burns, there is no turning back (take my word for it – cleaning the TWO charred-bottom pots now soaking in my sink is not what I call a good time!).  The whirley-pop will help you avoid this fate!  An added level of intrigue to this recipe?  The use of Bourbon Barrel Foods’ sugar.  Rich in flavor, this sugar takes the kettle corn to the next level… one you won’t want to miss!  Enjoy!

Foxhollow Farm Kettle Corn

  • one half cup Foxhollow Farm popping corn
  • one quarter cup Bourbon Barrel Foods sugar (there are three varieties, I prefer the vanilla)
  • two tbs coconut oil
  • sea salt
The Bourbon Barrel Foods sugar is a much larger grain, so I recommend crushing it a bit, placing the quarter cup in a plastic bag and running a rolling pin over it, breaking down the crystals.
Heat the coconut oil in the whirley-pop, making sure it coats the bottom of the pot.  Pour in the sugar and the corn kernels and close the top.  Warm over medium-high heat, turning the handle of the whirley-pop constantly.  Once the popping of the kernels slows, remove from the stove and immediately transfer to a large bowl.  Season will sea salt to taste and serve.
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