Mirror Lake Inn Spa, For Pampering Amidst Serenity & Stunning Views

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We had an incredible stay at Mirror Lake Inn this past summer and during that stay, I tried out their top notch spa in the middle of paddle board and kayak spins on the lake. The resort faces the glorious Mirror Lake which is serene even when it’s windy out, so much so that you’ll find yourself having one meditative moment after another. Combine a warm and classic meets rustic and luxury inn with stunning views of a calming lake and you have a perfect wellness travel escape in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains.

This AAA Four-Diamond property gets many of its kudos no doubt for its stunning views of the lake, but rest assured that their exceptionally friendly service and the fine touches inside the rooms deserve a huge call out as does its spa which is on the ground floor of the inn, below the lobby area where you can get warm homemade cookies and tea anytime of day.

Above photo credit, Mirror Lake Inn.

There are a variety of treatments you can choose, from body wraps and massages to facials and customized deals. All treatments include exclusive use of their separate men’s and women’s sanctuaries, with plush sitting lounges with fireplaces, tumbled Italian marble tile floors, soaking whirlpool that faces a gas fireplace on one side, a eucalyptus steam room and classy mahogany lockers and grooming areas.

They have a fun Tuscan Orange Body Scrub, which uses sugar scrub to soothe and renew your skin, combined with shea butter & aloe lotion. The Maple Sugar body scrub uses local maple sugar, allowing you to experience a wonderfully hydrating and re-mineralizing full body exfoliation. Your therapist performs this treatment in their Vichy Shower which is kinda cool.

Above shot was taken on Mirror Lake while on a leisurely canoe ride in the late afternoon – lily pads and flowers are only one example of what makes this lake so soothing and relaxing, a great combo with a spa treatment. 

Since you get so much sun during warmer months, particularly if you’re on the lake all day, they have a body peel treatment which helps to resurface the skin to visibly correct signs of skin aging and improve skin’s quality. After a full body exfoliation and an acid body emulsion, they apply a neutralizing serum and nourishing body cream application. So bliss! One of my favorite treatments is the Seaweed Body Wrap, which helps to reduce cellulite and detoxify your entire body while cocooned in something they refer to as the European Soft Pack.
I love the idea of their Mirror Lake Ceremony treatment, which is also an exfoliation process. After a cleansing rinse, this ceremony is completed with a luxurious crème which is therapeutically massaged into your skin to help ease your muscles and provide your skin with a soft glow.  Their three dimensional body treatment targets the mind, body, and soul.  They start with a marine-based exfoliant that helps stimulate the lymphatic system and rids toxins after which a relaxing mask infused with aromatherapy claims your internal environment while marine seawater tightens and smooths the appearance of skin. Sweet!
Their facials use natural ingredients, the luxurious Phytomer facial using things from marine bio-technology that are scientifically proven to immediately plump the skin and smooth wrinkles. The idea is to reduce the signs of aging. Speaking of aging, they have a Bellanina Facelift Massage (gotta love it!), a process which helps to tone and firm your skin and over time helps to retrain your muscles to be firmer and tighter.  The face is cleansed, toned and exfoliated, with a full 30-minute facial massage followed by a honeylift invigorating mask with steamy hot towels in between. There’s a balancing four layer facial too which sounds interesting, as it is designed to infuse missing ingredients your skin so needs, particularly as it gets older, like the trace elements found in super food seaweed.
Special Asian-influenced treatments are also available. For example, something they refer to as Shiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy uses deep tissue massage techniques as well as stretching the myofascial layer of tissue and muscle to improve posture and relieve pain. They also have an interesting sounding Thai Herbal Ball Massage, where they steam healing herb bundles which are then applied to acupressure points and joints throughout the massage. Swedish techniques improve circulation and target specific muscles while Thai stretches keep ligaments, muscles and tendons limber. In hindsight, I wished I had tried that one. Thai massage utilizes deep stretching to release tension, improve joint mobility and increase range of motion.  Reflexology is also offered, which I’m noticing is becoming more popular — it helps to re-establish energy flow and enhance circulation through pressure points on your feet.
Of course they have traditional and non-traditional massages, which special kinds for men and women. There’s also a salon where you can get a Paraffin treatment, manicures and pedicures.
I loved using the smaller hot tub in the women’s changing room and lounge area while waiting for my treatment, largely because of the gas fireplace that relaxed me as I sipped mint tea while roasting. I also used the steam room and sauna before my treatment. In the evenings, we found ourselves swimming since they have a heated swimming pool on the same level as the spa, which is also where the gym is for the fitness conscious among you.
On the same floor is their oversized hot tub, with a dry sauna nearby. You can move back and forth between the pool, the hot tub and the sauna for optimal impact. We loved the hot tub so much that we ended up here every evening after dinner – my only wish was that we had more time.

The lounge chair area near the pool; you’ll notice tons of natural plants and flora surrounding the area, which makes it even more meditative and relaxing — a perfect combo with one of Mirror Lake Inn’s spa treatments.

Below is the outside of the Mirror Lake Inn. Notice that the driveway is surrounded by rows of flowers on both sides as you make your way to the back where the main parking area is located.

Flowers are a precious and integral part of every Adirondack summer and their beauty did wonders to this magnificent inn by the lake which we felt privileged to stumble across. Their marketing head and staff were incredibly helpful — knowledgeable about the area and warm and hospitable when we had questions.  The flowers and view beyond them below were taken next to The Cottage Restaurant, which is one of the more casual eateries connected to Mirror Lake Inn – see my foodie write-up on Lake Placid for more on Mirror Lake Inn restaurants and other dining establishments worth noting in the village of Lake Placid.

A luscious view of Mirror Lake from the inn — serenity at its best!

Be sure to read my write-up on our stay at Mirror Lake Inn itself as well as our other Lake Placid and Adirondack articles.


Mirror Lake Inn Spa

77 Mirror Lake Drive

Lake Placid, NY 12946
(518) 523-2544




Note: we were hosted by the inn but all opinions expressed are entirely my own.


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