Life of a Wandering Man


The Wandering Madman.


This man is striving to do everything he can to take advantage of how precious life is and explore the importance of having your sights set on something extraordinary.  He now calls a box truck his home after leaving a life of comfort behind him.


He wanders the country creating music by day and learning from people, places, and sounds of the planet by night.  He has no intention of landing in one physical destination but rather hopes to continue expanding his overall awareness.

Naturally, food and water remain a necessity to survive, however The Wandering Man remains happy as long has he has music in his life.  His deepest hope is that others will take the steps of turning their dreams into reality.

This creative dream driven wanderer is sharing his adventures via live broadcast on the internet.  All his music and art is available for free.


The site he has up that tracks his incredible journey features the opportunity to check out his live web cam as well as read his blog, enjoy his music, and cruise through the still images he has captured along the way.

Brook Bentley
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