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Few things in life are more exciting and rewarding than international travel. Travel opens you up to new people, new environments, new cultures and new experiences. But having an authentic travel experience doesn’t mean you have to leave a massive footprint.

Many don’t think about their impact on the spaces around them when they are on the other side of the world, but there are some wonderful resources out there that can help you to be a mindful, ethical and responsible traveler.

The following are ten of the best blogs for traveling ethically:

The responsible traveler logo

1. The Responsible Traveler

The Responsible Traveler doesn’t just boast a beautiful site design and the perfect name; this blog is dedicated to exploring the ethics of travel, be it in a city guide, a feature on eco-tourism or a piece on international volunteering.

2. World Travel Market

The World Travel Market is a giant annual UK event for tourists, travelers and expats alike. But their most accessible contribution to ethical travel is their responsible tourism blog, which is filled with advice and apps to put your responsible outlook into practice.

Borders of adventure logo

3. Borders of Adventure

The lovely Borders of Adventure (formally Backpacker Becki) offers a treasure trove of articles on all manner of travel destinations. What makes the site unique, however, is the travel genres section, which gathers together articles on “adventure”, “borderlines”, “cultural insights” and “changing perceptions” and promotes mindful and authentic approaches to visiting new places.

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4. The Culture-ist

The Culture-ist is largely a travel website, with a range of articles exploring every continent. But what differentiates the Culture-ist from so many other travel blogs is its interest in cultural awareness, humanitarian issues and gender equality across the world.

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5. The Travel Word

Responsible travel is at the heart of The Travel Word, a site filled with advice on how to see the world while consuming and traveling sustainably and locally. In fact, they have an entire responsible travel section that can help keep you on track.


6. The Planet D

The Planet D offers a wide range of travel advice, from facing your fears to embracing adventure travel experiences, but their helping communities subsection in particular is valuable to any responsible traveler.


7. Green Global Travel

As the name suggests, Green Global Travel’s specific mission is to promote sustainable, green practices while traveling the world. Their Green Tips are particularly useful for learning to minimize your travel footprint.


8. The Everywhereist

The Everywhereist, Geraldine, has traveled all over the world and her witty, humorous style brings her experiences to life. The advice category in particular can help you with travel tips and planning.


9. D’ Travels ‘Round

Diana at D’ Travels ‘Round runs a lovely site dedicated to travel tips and responsible tourism. Be sure to check if she has written a city guide for your destination and read through her packing and flying tips.


10. National Geographic Adventure Blog

Part of the famous National Geographic brand, this adventure-focused blog recounts the world’s most thrilling trips, typically in an the most ethical fashion possible.

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Jessica Festa
Jessica Festa is the editor of the travel sites Jessie on a Journey (http://jessieonajourney.com) and Epicure & Culture (http://epicureandculture.com). Along with blogging at We Blog The World, her byline has appeared in publications like Huffington Post, Gadling, Fodor's, Travel + Escape, Matador, Viator, The Culture-Ist and many others. After getting her BA/MA in Communication from the State University of New York at Albany, she realized she wasn't really to stop backpacking and made travel her full time job. Some of her most memorable experiences include studying abroad in Sydney, teaching English in Thailand, doing orphanage work in Ghana, hiking her way through South America and traveling solo through Europe. She has a passion for backpacking, adventure, hiking, wine and getting off the beaten path.
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