Kayacking Along the Potomac River


On the heels of our very active trip to Marathon Key at the beginning of April, we were eager to try one activity in particular all over again in a new spot — kayaking. And so, we headed into Old Town Alexandria and down to the Belle Haven Park and Marina, where we took a double-person kayak out on the Potomac River.   The Potomac River is the wildest river in the world that flows through a heavily populated area. On its way from the mountains to the ocean, it runs through West VirginiaMarylandVirginia and the United States capital,Washington, DC.



The water was pretty muddy after the torrential downpour we had the two days prior, but it was still pretty splendid all the same.


I have to admit that this kayak adventure was harder for me, for some reason, and I may not have been a ton of help when it came to rowing.





We may have ventured off the beaten trail into a tiny little area secluded by trees.
So peaceful.






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Cheryl Lock
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