Ireland’s Charlie Casanova: First Film to Be Entirely Conceived on Facebook

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Check out Charlie Casanova and Sound of my Voice, films that will be showing next week at SXSW.

Erudite, harmless, ruling class egotist, Charlie Barnum (Emmet Scanlan, in a haunting performance)’s smoke and mirror articulations conceal a prejudiced, over-educated sociopath who refuses to be bound by the restrictions of morality, law or even reality. When Charlie knocks down a working class girl in a hit-and-run, he uses a deck of playing cards to determine his fate. Dangerously subversive, provocatively dark, and satirically disturbing, you’ve already met Walter Mitty and Billy Liar, now it’s time for you to meet the darkest member of that twisted trio; the man of our times, Charlie Casanova.

CHARLIE CASANOVA is the first film to be entirely conceived on Facebook. After the Irish Film Board rejected the script, writer-director Terry McMahon had the words, “The Art is in the Completion. Begin.” tattooed onto his body then typed a message into his Facebook status that he was planning to shoot the film in a few weeks and soliciting a cast and crew.   Within twenty-four hours a hundred and thirty people made contact with Terry. Camera department, designers, production managers, assistant directors, continuity people, gaffers, actors… Three weeks later CHARLIE CASANOVA was in production with this renegade crew of strangers and actors.  The film was made for less than $1,000 Euros — the Irish press have dubbed it Ireland’s lowest-budgeted movie of all time! CHARLIE CASANOA will be premiering at the 2011 SXSW on Sunday, March 13, 2011.

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