Great Speeches and Great People

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Dan Rather and Will Wright keynoted last week’s SXSW interactive event. San Francisco’s Chronicle Dan Fost, who I hung with a bit, did a great follow up piece on the two media worlds colliding at SXSW this year. Dan, another mutual editor friend and I all wondered where the ‘traditional media’ were? There were so few of them in attendance.

The Boston Globe also ran an interesting piece that largely focused on the Music side of SXSW rather than iinteractive of film.

Bruce Sterling did another poetry reading at the tail end of Tuesday, the last day of Interactive. This year, it was a quarter of the length and a quarter of the amount of emotion as last year’s Carl Sandberg reading: video here.


I also talked about digital cameras with Joi Ito who showed up with his Leica (the next best thing) and hung out with a mash-up of musicians and interactive folks who were trying to figure out all they needed to know in the digital music arena in a session that housed mostly creators. In other words, one lawyer to several hundred people.

SXSW is clearly an event that celebrates the independent creator, producer, musician, artist, designer. I met these guys en route to see former WHO’s Peter Townshend, on the opening night of SXSW Music. This is a visual reminder of how wildly different fashion is between the interactive and music worlds.


Peter has heart and energy and charisma and hell, the man even has a blog.


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