Foodies Delight: New Mexico & Chile Rellenos

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Chile Rellenos

New Mexico is the only state with an official question — “Red or green?” — in reference to what kind of chile to eat with your meal. There’s nowhere in the world that loves chiles as much as New Mexico, which grows 10,000 acres (4,047 hectares) of chiles. When visiting the state you’ll have myriad opportunities to sample chile-infused dishes, as the spicy vegetable is present in almost everything (and if it’s not, you can always add red or green chile on top). One of the best chile dishes is Chile Rellenos, which features roasted chiles stuffed with fresh or cheddar cheese, lightly dipped in batter and lightly fried. It’s a savory, spicy and tangy dish bursting with flavor and a quintessential New Mexico experience.

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