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This weekend in Vancouver, BC, the sun was as warming welcome to us all, we’re so used to the usual rainy Spring days.  There were two giant cruise ships visiting us, and the convention centre was full of shows, one of them being EPIC Vancouver. The sustainability show featured hundreds of eco-and-socially conscious designers, speakers, vendors and local companies trying to make a difference.  (At least they’re trying.)

I was so impressed by the turnout of people, the enthusiasm of the volunteers.  I really felt like we might be able to turn things around.   We are making progress as we work together to become better.

I’ve also started preparing for a trip of a lifetime, which begins Jun 21 in Montreal, Quebec. I am incredibly blessed to have found my passion and to get to live it: Writing, travelling and sharing those life experiences with others.  This summer, I get to travel across Canada and see this giant country and document it all.   From the shores of the Maritimes to the “way-up” North, you’ll get to come and experience this big place with me, interact by sharing your comments and photos on my blog and Flickr page, and hopefully it’ll inspire you to come and visit these places soon.  Until then, here’s a preview of Vancouver’s Coal Harbour marina on a sunny-and-warm Saturday afternoon.


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