Egyptian & Pythagorean Healing with Shelley A. Kaehr

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We fell upon the work of Shelley A. Kaehr who teaches energy healing methods she has learned over the years, including Pythagorean Healing (Levels 1, 2 and 3), Egyptian Healing (from Edgar Cayce), and Galactic Healing as well.

We love Shelley’s authentic and quiet sense-of-being that has a funny side as well. We recently had an opportunity to experience her certification trainings and as part of the process, write about her work, books, courses and classes, all of which are now online like everything else in the midst of Covid-19.

Healing Courses & Books by Shelley A. Kaehr Ph.D.

Shelley’s Egyptian healing methods involve Egyptian symbols based on the work of renowned Edgar Cayce and through her books and teachings, she teaches you how to use these symbols to heal yourself and others.

In her courses, she takes you through the teachings of her books. We were initially most intrigued by Edgar Cayce Egyptian Energy Healing techniques because we have a mysterious connection to Egypt like so many old souls and have followed the work of Edgar Cayce for awhile now.

Profound in a myriad of ways, she guides you through a process so you too can use these techniques to supplement your existing work if you’re already a healing practitioner. Even if you’re not a healer by profession and are simply curious, this teaching can assist you in your daily life.   

Her books, teachings and certification courses on Pythagorean Healing connect to the Sacred Geometry of numbers and how to use them in binary form and together with colors and meaning (emotions), both with the intention of emotional andphysical healing.

Her work is aimed at helping you use these symbols to bring more balance, alignment and peace into your life.

You explore the teachings of Plato in her Platonic Healing course — she explains why certain shapes are used including the order in which they’re used. Each shape is connected to an element, such as fire, air, water and so on. If you’ve dabbled in any kind of pagan rituals or healing, then you’ll find these healing methods fascinating.

My Experience Getting Certified

The jist of all healing is ultimately to empower the person you’re healing that they too can heal themselves. In the new world paradigm, it’s less about gurus and more about the internal strength and power we all have within us.

In other words, if the person ‘being healed’ doesn’t have the intention to be healer or believe that its possible, then healing won’t occur regardless of how amazing of a healer you happen to be.

All energy healers, practitioners and lightworkers know this.  Shelley reminds us in her classes “you are not responsible for the outcome.” This is echoed in all of her healing books as well.

Of all of her healing methods, the Egyptian energy healing course resonated with us most. The truth is: we will all resonate with one method over another because of our unique backgrounds, strengths and where/how we have chosen to experience past and parallel lives.

Edgar Cayce’s Egyptian Energy Healing

Personally, as a creative person, the Egyptian healing method was more compelling for me because it involved Egyptian symbols, of which the hawk and the cross (in the form of the ancient ankh) are two of them.

The Powerful Ankh

In her class, she attunes you to the symbols in order of the way they were originally intended to be used, not unlike a Reiki teacher attunes you during certification.

In this method, you can attune yourself to these symbols as well, which she encourages. In my case, I did both: had Shelley attune me and I attuned myself.

In her book and teaching, she speaks about the Seven Stages of Man’s Development Symbols, which are part of Edgar Cayce’s healing system which she abbreviates to ECEEH.

This is based in Edgar Cayce’s work and readings, all stemming from ancient Egypt. She writes that “these symbols transform the frequencies of initiates and take people to higher levels of consciousness.”

“These symbols transform the frequencies of initiates and take people to higher levels of consciousness.” — Edgar Cayce’s Egyptian Energy Healing

Later she writes of Cayce’s reading and teaching, “it lists the symbols in order for a reason, and when you think of how Cayce interprets the keynotes for each other, the symbols are presented in the order of the soul’s journey through time: Illumination (as the lamp), world (as the beetle), birth (as showing up as the cockerel), the mind (as the serpent), Wisdom as the Hawk, varied activities in the cross, the crown, the gate/door and lastly the Way.”

The gate/door as you’d imagine is about ascension and the Way relates to Source, whatever Source means for you. Bottom line, it’s about assisting you to raise your vibration even further (or higher depending on how you see it — although remember in quantum terms, there is no real higher or lower), and shine a little more light and love as a result. This in itself is very healing.

You see, although the teachings and symbols are done in a certain order and thought process based on Cayce‘s teachings, each healer will interpret these symbols a little differently.

In his tradition method, you learn that the beetle is ‘our world, our connection to the planet, and to each other’ and that the Egyptians saw the scarab beetle as a symbol for Khepri, the solar deity representing the early morning dawn. In Egyptian times of old, life was filled with symbols, signs and numerology, all of which had deep meaning for people.

I love the ancient historical and cultural references throughout as it takes you back in time to what our ancestors used regularly. They were so much more connected to the land and the stars than humanity is today.

The other great thing about the course is that you are encouraged to do a self-healing first so you truly understand not just how to use the method, but how it will work best for you and ultimately thereafter, for others. We also learned how to do distant/remote healing as well for each of her healing methods.

Shelley A. Kaehr at the Dead Sea: March 2020 (photo credit: Shelley A. Kaehr)

Knowing that we are space and time, not outside of it, it allows us to energetically understand that healing can be as effective via Zoom, over the phone and through one’s intention as it can be in person. I have seen and experienced this both on the giving and receiving end.

Pythagorean Healing: Numbers & Shapes

As a non-numbers person, this one was a little more challenging for me than the Egyptian method or even her Pythagorean Healing Level 3 which has to do with shapes. (think Plato and sacred geometry).

Level one of this method uses primary numbers. In other words, its a more simplistic way of using primary numbers for healing, each one connected to a color and an emotion. For example, 7 is pink and the emotion is love, whereas 3 is green and connected to healing.

The system goes from 1 to 0, the 0 showing up as a gold and is meant to connect you to Source, the All-That-Is, the Infinite (or however you define, feel, see or hear it). Like our own healing and channeling, that connection is meant to encircle the person you’re working with, in a wondrous bubble of oneness. Ultimately, the best healing comes when we finally realize that we are all one, interconnected and that there’s no separation between us, everyone else on this planet, Source, and even the Universe and beyond.

Of course healing is dependent upon many things, which Shelley asserts includes our past lives, our karma, our soul contracts, the life lessons we determined to experience before we arrive in this incarnation on and on. Says Shelley, working with numbers isn’t unlike other healing modalities, “the goal is to alleviate blockages in each of these energetic layers, clear the chakra centers and so on.”

Because Level 2 has to do with binary healing, I imagine that all of my computer programming friends would best resonate with this form of healing. The truth is however that we can all heal (and be healed) by any of these methods with purity of intention, an open mind and heart.

The Platonic Healing, which is Pythagorean Healing Level 3 resonated the most out of the 3 Pythagorean methods she teaches. Why? Because we move back to shapes and symbols again and as an artistic person, I can feel into shapes a bit more than I can numbers. Here, she introduces elements, the same ones that Plato wrote about nearly three thousand years ago.

According to Plato, fire is the first element, largely because fire gets things moving, shifts energy and warms up the environment. In her own healing, she has used the fire symbol (which is a Tetrahedron), with lungs and for sluggish digestion in the stomach.

She suggests a particular order to use the symbols when healing and btw, with all of the Pythagorean methods, you intend each of them to go through the crown chakra (in other words, through the head), which is a little different than other methods. The process is ‘intending these magical shapes’ to go down through the head, down the person’s spine and into the arms, legs and feet. Of course, you can do this to yourself as well, which is how you attune yourself in the beginning and its ideal to practice on yourself as often as you can.

In her Platonic healing method, which she draws on the wisdom of Plato, there are five Platonic solids that are used: Fire, which is represented by the Tetrahedron as noted above, Water, which is represented by the Icosahedron, Air which is represented by the Octahedron, Earth which is represented by the Cube (this one surprised me since the Earth is round) and Aether, which shows up as the Dodecahedron.

Above and below, the Platonic Solids. Note that I chose to represent a couple in an everyday setting so you can see how Sacred Geometry shows up everywhere, not just in nature, but in architecture surrounded by nature as is the case with the Icosahedron above in what appears to be a park.

One of the things I love about Shelley’s style as that she empowers you as the healer. In other words, “use your own intuition” she writes, and “know that for a certain condition, you could use water to clear something out or even air.”

Bottom line, although she gives examples of what energies and shapes she uses for particular ailments and conditions, she honors that each of us have our own unique path and as such, need to follow our own innate knowing and hearts to determine what’s best in a given situation.

I have taken certifications, classes and courses from others who are so strict in their procedures that it leaves little room for the practitioner to adopt their own personal style. Hear hear – it was not only an empowering experience to go through each of her trainings and read all of her books, but fun. We love the heart-based way that she works with her students.

About Shelley A. Kaehr, Ph.D.

Shelley has been working with people around the world for over two decades as an energy healer using mind-body medicine and her healing methods as outlined above. In addition to the above books, she is also known for her work on karma and animals as well, including: Meet Your Karma: The Healing Power of Past Life Memories and Past Lives with Pets.

Her website and business has such a compelling name that you can’t help but want to go there: Past Life Lady. Great name, right?

In addition to a healer and author, Shelley is a renowned past-life regressionist, where she combines her energy work with hypnosis and has even been endorsed by pioneer Dr. Raymond Moody and Dr. Brian Weiss. Shelley coined the term Supretrovie to describe the externally induced past life memories of her clients. 

Shelley A. Kaehr signing books in February 2020. Credit: Shelley A. Kaehr.

In addition to the healing methods mentioned above, she also works with Holographic Mapping as well and has trained thousands of energy healing practitioners. We also love that she is connected to gemstones, crystals and minerals as a way to heal, as I use them regularly in our practice as well. See  Edgar Cayce’s Sacred Stones and Edgar Cayce’s Guide to Gemstones, Minerals, Metals & More.

Her book onBinary Healing can be found on Amazon and Platonic Healing here. Discover her Egyptian healing book also on Amazon.

And of course, to dive deeper into her work, be sure visit her website.


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