Canada’s a Big Place Hits the Streets of Montreal

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Life is one big festival in Montreal.

Despite a little cold that managed to sneak up on me on the day I left for Montreal with Air Canada (which by the way, was a lifesaver flight considering it was the red-eye–I had fantastic service in the Maple Leaf Lounge and on-board), the energy of the city just soaked right in and uplifted my spirits. I know it sounds corny, but I felt happier, more alert, excited and, well, festive as soon as I landed. This morning after a lovely and healthy breakfast at my hotel–the ultra swanky Hotel Nelligan– I discovered that there were festivals all over the city, some commencing today while others going-out with a bang. So I explored. I was meeting Carolyne at Montreal’s Fashion & Design Festival on Sainte-Catherine and we couldn’t have picked a better spot to mingle.  Imagine the vibrant-chaos, as at least a thousand people were jamming their curious bodies up against a half-block-long catwalk, hoping to get a glimpse of the gorgeous models that were making their way into a sea of curious eyes.   Not to mention, there were more than 150 fashion designers, smaller labels, musicians¬ like K-os and The Phantoms–and make-up and cocktail vendors in party-lounges that participated all weekend.  (Now I wish I got here sooner!) The Youtube video speaks a thousand words so check-it out. Clearly working up an appetite, we decided to try a trendy place for lunch called M:brgr in downtown Montreal. It’s a build-your-own gourmet burger place where you can add your own exotic toppings like shaved truffles, fried egg and asparagus.  We were feeling really adventurous and tried the Moishe Burger with smoked-meat and the trio of warm, salty and crispy fries: sweet potato, regular and onion-rings.  Yes, we were full.  Walking off lunch, Carolyne took me to see the free exhibit at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts called Imagine, The Peace Ballad of John and Yoko–until tomorrow.  It celebrates the 40th anniversary of their famous 1969 Bed-in in Montreal.  You remember the song “Give Peace a Chance”– it happened at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel. Check out our Flickr to see what the little girl was doing on the steps of the church and what the bone-marrow incident was all about.

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