Niagara Falls, a Great Late Spring Family Getaway

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Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls has been considered as something of a playground for over 100 years. Eager visitors have come to gaze upon the mighty falls from times when they might not have even been able to use a car to get there. Honeymooners and families put Niagara on the map long ago and they’re still the ones who flock to this beautiful area each and every year.

However, younger travelers might overlook Niagara for those exact reasons. They might have the erroneous impression that a visit to Niagara would have them surrounded by crowds teeming with strollers and sippy cups; not exactly the ideal vision a younger traveler has for their vacation.

But it’s time to change some of the thinking about Niagara Falls. Yes, it’s one of the most perfect places in the world for families to bring their children, but you shouldn’t let that deter you. In fact, it should be a source of inspiration. Isn’t travel supposed to broaden your horizons and offer you experiences you’ve not had before? If that’s the case, then use Niagara as an excuse to unleash your inner child and make travel fun again. 

Here’s how.

Hit the Waterpark

If there’s anything better than a waterpark to make you feel like a kid again I’d be hard pressed to find it. The slides and the wave pools are always so much fun and if you’re worried about having to dodge a child while you’re trying to pull off an epic cannonball then you definitely need to head to Fallsview Indoor Waterpark in the Falls Avenue Resort complex, easily reached from your hotel.

This waterpark has taken their adult visitors into mind and has height and age restrictions on most pools and slides. There is even a hot tub area that is designated specifically for those over 16. So you’ll have a bit more freedom than you think and can slide and swim to heart’s content. And don’t forget the Beach Bar where you can wrap up your day with an adult beverage, or two.

Visit a Winery

While a winery tour isn’t necessarily an activity that will bring back childhood memories it is a great way to have a lot fun and immerse yourself in the beauty in Niagara’s wine country. You can have your pick of tours that visit numerous wineries or you could choose an in depth tour at just one. Either way you’re going to get to enjoy some great wines.

The tour managers at most Niagara wineries have gone above and beyond with their tour options. Some tours delve deep into the vine-to-bottle process, while others have on-site restaurants staffed by chefs eager to help you pair your wines with luscious local ingredients. Be sure to check the websites of Niagara’s wineries; they hold special events throughout the year and many of them are one-of-a-kind experiences.

Hit the Casinos

Again, like the wineries, a casino isn’t necessarily going to make you feel like a kid again, unless you grew up playing poker with your cousins in the treehouse. However, Niagara’s casinos are places where you, as an adult, can hit the slots, try your hand at roulette, or belly up to a card table. After all, aren’t these all games for adults?

You can also expect a lot of fun in the casino nightclubs like live music, DJs, and dancing until dawn, all things that can bring out those silly aspects of yourself that you don’t let loose too much anymore. But this is Niagara and you’re here to have fun so pay no mind to who’s watching. Just do you.

Explore the Fun at Clifton Hill

Anyone who says they’re too old for mini-golf needs to rethink their life choices. You’re never too old for min-golf or other arcade style fun and the best place in Niagara to accomplish this is Clifton Hill. Full of arcade games, rides, the aforementioned mini-golf which actually consists of two themed courses, and plenty of places to eat and grab a beer, Clifton Hill is the perfect place to spend a fun evening.

Take a ride on the Sky Wheel for an unparalleled view of the falls, visit the wax museum which is always good for a laugh, and take a spin on the Wild West roller coaster. With so many fun things to do and if you plan your visit for later in the evening you’ll be able to set that inner kid free and enjoy yourself to the fullest.

Niagara Falls isn’t just for the travelers you might have always associated with it. It’s transformed into a destination with something to please everyone, and that includes your inner child.

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