Canada Road Trip: Lake on a Mountain Via Quaint Picton

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Take note: a fabulous summer road trip idea from Toronto is Lake on a Mountain, which is a park and natural wonder, surrounded by beautiful scenery and lovely vistas. Lake on a Mountain is about 2 1/2 hours east of Toronto and is located on the eastern part of Prince Edward County, THE hot spot to visit in Canada these days. You have to venture through Picton to get to Lake on a Mountain, but of course you don’t just go through Picton. You would be short-changing your trip. In Picton, you stop, stroll and explore.

The Regent Theatre, the centrepiece of a picturesque downtown Picton

Lake on a Mountain was a mystery at one point. Especially when trying to figure out where the source of the water came from. After all, Lake on a Mountain is more than 200 feet above Lake Ontario. The Mohawks called it the Lake of the Gods. They believed it was home to powerful spirits. It’s now believed that the clean and fresh water comes from 2 small streams from the surrounding higher land. Early settlers here thought the Lake was bottomless. These days, the depth still isn’t known but it’s thought to be about 112 feet.

And because you’re already more than 200 feet up the mountain, you get to experience some incredible views of the Bay of Quinte. If you want to continue driving east towards Kingston, the Glenora Ferry connects you from PEC to the mainland on the bottom of the mountain. The ferry works as a nautical thread of The Loyalist Parkway (Highway 33). Otherwise, bring a picnic or take some time and enjoy the vista.

There you have it. Lake on a Mountain! This makes an ideal road trip from Toronto. It’s a small Provincial Park located on an island and surrounded by beauty. What else do you want?

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