BlogHer Business: Social Media Stats & Best Practices

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Blogher business I’m at BlogHer Business today in Chicago….they released stats on a recent social media survey. Essentially those who use social media tools (at least once a week) tend to trust social media for their source of information and those who don’t, don’t.

Women are heavy, addicted social media users and more and more of them are moving away from traditional sources for their regular content.

We also talk best practices disclosure and what that equates to if you’re actually reviewing or talking about a product on your site. Have a separate page that clearly shows advertisers and sponsors and a section dedicated to editorial and reviews. That way, it’s clearly defined and there’s no ambiguity.

Google is attempting to attract bloggers who are making claims to products and not disclosing it. You can insert no follow tags in pages that are sponsor related as a workaround.

More from the ground.

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