Astounding Color Behind Vancouver’s Graffiti Scene

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While Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada, is known as a pristine and ultra-clean city, it has a darker side that can be seen by wandering through its hidden alleys. After being told by locals the alleyways in Gastown were safe to walk down, I decided to see for myself what exactly was hiding in these darker corners. What I discovered was a world of opinionated and creative street art.

Do you have a favorite city for graffiti?

PORvangraf1 PORvangraf5 PORvangraf6 PORvangraf7 PORvangraf77 PORvangraf99 PORvangraf3434 PORvangraf73457 PORvangraf99923 PORvangraf283478234 vangraf2 vangraf3 vangraf9 vangraf19 vangraf7799

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