The Big Apple Through Winter Eyes…


Last month, I happily decided to not travel and simply sit still for a bit in New York City.  One of the hardest things about being on the road is that I’m never rooted, I sort of feel like I’m flapping around in the wind.  A month of anchoring myself back to New York City was just what I needed. I dug out my old journals to try to remind myself of what started me on this journey in the first place.  Reading them has been eye opening and a bit disturbing.  But it’s fascinating stuff to take in.  Sometimes I’m amazed at how we don’t really change much over time, we just forget what we were like over time.

The Big Apple is beautiful any time of year – some shots to demonstrate my point.

New York City Autumn

Like a classic beauty that looks gorgeous even without makeup, Poets Walk in #centralpark park is beautiful at any time of year.

new York city autumn

Who would you like yo watch #sunset with at One World Trade Center – the tallest building in the US?

Metropolitan museum of art

Friday night at the Met!

Autumn in NYC

A giant yellow leaf in the middle of #NYC. The last signs of fall.

Statue of Liberty

Lady Liberty looks great when the lights go down – don’t you agree? Sunset at the Freedom Tower #NYC

autumn in nyc

A royal view from the castle in #centralpark

Macys thanksgiving parade

I’m a sucker for nostalgia. Out of all of the balloons #Snoopy and the Peanuts Gang will always get my vote for favorite! What an amazing vantage point for the #macysparade this morning in #NYC

new york city sunset

A pastel sunset tonight in Milford Connecticut. So fun to hang out with old friends today only a short train ride from NYC!

commute new york city

#NYC commute. I’m pretty happy I can be a spectator in the commuting game everyday. It can actually look beautiful from a distance.

one world trade center

Isn’t it fun when you are the tallest on the block? #oneworldtradecenter


I love staring down at the layers of Moma – sort of like an onion – but it doesn’t make me cry.

hudson river valley

A boat house on the Hudson River. What a view. Exploring the Catskills today.

Brooklyn Winery


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