Give Peace a Chance – John Lennon’s 70th Birthday

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Today is October 9th, the birthday of John Lennon. Yoko Ono has organized a “humble gathering” again this year at the Imagine Peace Tower in Reykjavík, Iceland.

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October 9th 2007
was dedicated to John Lennon by Yoko Ono on the occasion of his 67th birthday
 on the Isle of Viðey, Reykjavík, Iceland
. In attendance were Sean Lennon, Kyoko Cox, Ringo Starr, Olivia Harrison,
 and Vilhjalmur Vilhjalmsson (Mayor of Reykjavík), along with 300 invited guests.

Celebrate John Lennon's Birthday - Make a Wish

This year, Yoko’s goal is for the citizens of the world to produce a million positive messages, now employing Twitter and Facebook, to spread love and peace.

Today’s uniting force is determined to shift the axis of the world to move toward peace and joy… to enjoy a new age of love and peace. We are reminded that this edifice in Iceland is a “Light of healing wisdom and empowerment…. even in times of darkness and confusion…But we can all be together in seeing the light of peace…

The Imagine Peace Tower was visualized and realized with love, says Yoko. She instructs the Twittering peoples of the world to “make a wish and send light to each other and say I Love You”…

Yoko conceived the idea of a “Light Tower” or Light House in 1965. Here’s how she ties in the concept of a wishing tree (which now are planted around the Imagine Peace Tower in Iceland):

“As a child in Japan, I used to go to a temple and write out a wish on a piece of thin 
paper and tie it around the branch of a tree. Trees in temple courtyards were always 
filled with people’s wish knots, which looked like white flowers blossoming from afar.”
 Yoko Ono: “All My Works Are A Form Of Wishing”.

Yoko has collected over 1 million wishes. See more:

One of the best books I’ve read about John Lennon and the Beatles was “The Last Days of John Lennon” by Frederic Seaman (, his longtime personal assistant. It chronicled John’s life in New York and provided insights into his complex relationship with Yoko and his aspirations to continue to write and perform, just as Double Fantasy album was being recorded at the Hit Factory studio in NYC.

In 2006, I visited the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. It’s a great take-in and I’d love to take my son back there soon. There was some Beatles paraphernalia and famous costumes on display, mostly things you’ve probably expected. However, the one item that truly touched me was John’s white Yamaha grand piano that he played while composing “Imagine” in 1971. There was still positive energy emanating from that instrument. Its essence and historical significance was palpable.

Two years ago, my son and I walked by The Dakota in NYC where John and Yoko lived. After walking around the block-long complex we arrived at the side entrance where John was shot. It was a strange sensation, just standing in that same spot and thinking about what John would be doing today.

It’s clear to me that John was the spiritual leader of the Beatles – on so many levels. His “fire element” energy led him to make outlandish statements sometimes, but he has a strong drive to love and communicate with many people. His love and passion for life and peace was overflowing and I continue to be fascinated by the life, words, and music of John Lennon.

Give Peace a Chance.

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