CES 2011 Proves Popular Among Mom Bloggers

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I just got back from CES and am still decompressing from the 140,000 person 4 full exhibit floors full of consumer electronics.

I have lots of tech that I will be talking about over the next few weeks, but here are a few to start:

1. Hanging as one of the Logitech Guest Bloggers. I shared some initial perspective on the Blogitech blog on Connected TV — but I have another post to come.

2. My First Impressions of CES 2011.

3. I posted with some CES tech picks for moms at Cool Mom Tech (just a start… more to come). Check it out, and comment with what new tech you are looking for.

4. Just as I was packing for CES, I was honored to be interviewed by the Inside Source blog and the Wall Street Journal (about 4G — that I wish I would of had at CES because AT&T 3G was not so good). The article was by Don Clark, and I enjoyed ranting about how frustrated I have been that Silicon Valley did not have 4G until just recently… I mean, come on — it is Silicon Valley!

Reena Jana interviewed me for the fun Inside Source blog about CES and which gadgets I would be bringing with me… Sorely missing was a 4G Broadband card.

5. The LA Times discussed mom and dad bloggers at CES, and I was happy to get a shout out.

6. At CES, I spoke at a fun Tweethouse at a session called “Measurement and ROI: How To Quantify Costs and Results” with the fabulous Sheila Dowd of Clever Girls Collective and the busy Ben Parr of Mashable (who had just hosted a biggg Mashable party the night before). I shook things up by saying building a relationship with the right bloggers (for the companies niche) is a valuable part of ROI from social media campaigns. Check out the session at the Tweethouse link.

7. I had the honor of hanging with the fabulous crowd at MommyTechCES summit, a very valuable part of CES. Robin Raskin is someone I look up to as a trailblazer for getting the women and mom’s voice out in the technology world. Robin Raskin and an impressive team pulled together the FashionWare high tech fashion show as well. I enjoyed being one of the announcers — but more then that was seeing the fun high tech fashion. I will post with some fun pictures from that.

8. Best of all there were about 30 mom/women bloggers that made their way to CES this year. I helped organize a breakfast for them with Sarah Kimmel and The Clever Girls Collective (thanks to SWAGG for sponsoring the breakfast).

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