The 2013 Taste of Washington DC: Sip, Savor and Enjoy


The revamp and relaunch of Taste of DC Food Festival on Pennsylvania Avenue is taking place over Columbus Day Weekend.  Steuart Martens is launching a series of one-day foodie events that will focus on marquee chefs, unique dishes and generous drink options.  The whole objective of Taste of DC is to change Washtonians approach to fine dining.  Dining is intended to be about the experience of tasting food you can’t prepare at home, awakening flavors you’ve never had, and being surprised by combinations you never imagined

Part of their mantra is that dining should be aspirational, yet attainable experience.  The event this October will take place along the DC waterfront.  The format for Bite of DC is unique, yet straightforward.  It will be 5 elite restaurants, 5 unique dishes, and limitless beer and wine.  The delicious meals will be paired with a corresponding beer or wine.

There will also be a great deal of talent amongst the award-winning chefs participating in the Bite of DC, including RJ Cooper and Aaron McCloud.  Some of the featured restaurants for Bite of DC will be Rogue 24, Jaleo, Cedar Retaurant, Windows Catering, and Luke’s Lobster.  These restaurants will be part of this event as a five-course fixed price food event.  Bite of DC allows these upscale dining experiences to be available at an affordable price along with unlimited wine and beer!

Overall the tasting of exquisite food along with great people and drinks to boot is not to be missed!

Brook Bentley
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