Underground Wires in Portrero

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This Noe Valley Voice article was written in 1998 and while I haven’t been able to find any recent discussions on neighborhoods facing daily noise and grief over the utility wires and poles ‘going underground,’ it’s happening.

Since I’m a newcomer, I don’t know which areas qualify, but out of the ‘hoods’ I’m looking at, Noe, Castro and Portrero Hill are converting.

Four years ago, they predicted that ‘undergrounding the wires’ had a $5,000 price tag per home, which included the cost of connecting the home to the new underground service and putting up new streetlights. As if the costs are not high enough here already.

The ‘state streets’ in Portrero are being hit this month. Since I’m a night owl, its even more painful…..every morning for the past three weeks, the crains and drills wake me up at 7 am, sometimes earlier.

One day I found a pile of dirt in front of the driveway that was close to six feet high – no chance I was getting my car out within the hour.

I wear ear plugs now…..every night, and sadly don’t get much sleep. The end result will be great for those who have a view of the city, but ‘getting there’ has been a battle. It feels as if they have been in front of the house for months.

Didn’t I say something about “all in the name of transition…….all in the name of progress” sometime earlier this week?

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