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Enter the resurgence of San Francisco’s South Park, which was where many of the companies landed pre-2000. Are people hopeful, and trying to recreate what was? C’mon, we’re in a new era already.

Yet, its a great article covering some of the coolest SF-based Web 2.0 companies. Scott Beale said in the Sunday edition of the San Francisco Chronicle in an article by Dan Fost on how new Internet companies are returning to the South Park area of San Francisco, which over a decade ago was called “Multimedia Gulch” and was ground zero for much of the early days of the web, being the home to Wired Magazine/HotWired, Organic, etc.

The actual SF Gate piece here. Dan is a great writer; he touches on not just the return of the new equivalents to the hood, but the hood itself.

Since I have a client in the area and friends who work within a block or two, I find myself there a few times a month. Says the article on South Park as a neighborhood: “South Park was rebuilt into a motley collection of warehouses, machine shops, sleazy hotels and honky-tonks.”

“South Park followed a familiar trajectory: sparsely populated and down in the dumps, it was discovered by artists and designers, who spruced things up, paving the way for the tech firms of the mid-1990s. Max Applegarth, a fifth-generation San Franciscan, took over a former brothel in 1991 and opened Caffe Centro, which has become the de facto gathering place of the community. The French bistro South Park Cafe was also established around that time.”

I took a French Canadian friend to South Park Cafe recently…….it was a fabulous meal and the service was great.


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