Singularity University, Women@TheFrontier and 10 Incredible Women Design the Future

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Ray kurzweil and daughter amy (11)

Singularity University held an event in conjunction with Women@TheFrontier at NASA Research Park in Silicon Valley last week. Yvonne cagle (7)

The program: “Designing the Future 2012”, brought together some of today’s female game-changers who are designing the future and disrupting the status quo.

Women@TheFrontier’s Susan Francesca and KristinaMaria T-Gutierrez introduced inspirational women who had one heart warming story after another to share.

NASA’s Yvonne Cagle also paid a sentimental tribute to astronaut Sally Ride who passed away on July 23.

Ray Kurzweil kicked things off and also closed the event in a unique appearance with his daughter Amy Kurzweil who interviewed him in fireside chat style.

Ray kurzweil and daughter amy (7)

Ray’s son was also in attendance with a beaming smile throughout the interview as he watched father and sister chat informally in front of a few hundred people on everything from inspiration and life lessons to technology, health and the future.

Ray kurzweil and daughter amy (1)

Below is Women@TheFrontier co-founder Susan Francesca.

Susan on stage (5)

A poised and graceful Kay Koplovitz took the stage with confidence, something certainly not new to her as the first woman to head a television network; she founded USANetworks under the banner of Madison Square Garden Sports in the seventies.

Kap-kopovitz (8)

She is also known for founding the Sci-Fi Channel which has become a top ten rated cable network and USANetworks, which runs in 60 countries worldwide.

President Clinton also appointed Kay to chair the bipartisan National Women’s Business Council. With a success record that keeps going, she is a great reminder that persistence and tenacity pays off.

She reminded the audience that 57% of women have masters degrees and 52% of women have doctorate degrees as she threw a quote from Coca Cola CEO onto the screen who said in 2010: “The drivers of the post American world won’t be led by China but led by women.”

Kap-kopovitz (2)

She added a quote from Hilary Clinton who had encouraged companies and individuals to “unlock potential of women by investing in girls and women” at the Global Impact Economy Forum this year.

Lakshmi Pratury, who I first met in the early days of TED, then stepped onto the stage to share her magic as a natural storyteller, using humor, authenticity and life examples in her tales on India and inspiration.

Lakshmi is the Founder of INKTalks, the INK Conference and Ixoraa Media, whose mission is to strengthen the ties between United States and India through sponsored corporate, cultural, and media events.

She says of her time spent in America, “the one thing I learned from my time in America is how to tell a story.” And let’s be honest, all great stories ignite emotion through shared resonance and reflection, which is something Lakshmi does so well.

She says: “what we are is who we focus on feeding and the community we build around us – it’s never about us individually.” Hear Hear.

Lakshmi talked on the early days of India before the economy took off, which frankly is the only India I know. My first and only visit was in 1989 and rest assured, it is a very different country today.

Says Lakshmi of the perception of India, then and now, which is one of the things that led her to start the INK Conference: “the way people describe India from inside out has always been one dimensional, so I felt we needed to bring the depth and complexity of Indian culture to the world.”

The notion of diving in even if you don’t have the experience, is not only a great message to all girls and women, but to every and anyone who has an idea. “Every time I say I’m going to do something without really knowing how to do it, it just happens,” she says. “You always have to remember that whatever you do or embrace, you don’t have to do it alone.”

Like me, she is a collector of people, and says that “collecting people IS HER passion.” How wonderful is that? Connecting those human dots isn’t a bad way to spend your life. Extraordinary things always happen as a result, like the work she is doing in India.

Ping-fu and amy purdy girl (8)From India to China, Ping Fu shared her life lessons and experiences with us – from China to America, at a time when she didn’t have an education or speak English.

Wearing bright pink/red shoes and a necklace made from a 3D printer, she connected with the audience with her own great storytelling.

Ping describes herself as an artist and a scientist whose chosen expression is business. It’s in her bio and it’s something she says often in her presentations. Ping Fu and her shoes (3)

She co-founded Geomagic, a leading US software company which pioneers 3D technologies that fundamentally change the way products are designed and manufactured around the world…from repairing vintage cars at Jay Leno’s garage to preserving US treasures and digitally recreating the Statue of Liberty.

Another woman who has faced challenges and adversity, she has shown that staying close to your passion and not giving up works if you believe in what you’re doing. She is most known for her work with geometry processing, and computer graphics as well as her time as a writer for The China Times.

Inspirational on and off the stage, she has spent many years lecturing on such subjects as feminism, cultural criticism, and was news commentary at National Taiwan University and Taipei National University of the Arts, also serving as ambassador at large for Taiwan for a few years.

Amy-purdy-girl (2)

While we’re on the topic of inspiration and female role models, it doesn’t get much better than Amy Purdy who lost both her legs to Neisseria meningitis, a form of bacterial meningitis, at the age of 19.

As a double amputee, competitive snowboarder and spokesperson for the Challenged Athletes Foundation, she talks to people around the globe about her experience and overcoming life obstacles in order to reach your life dreams and goals, regardless of what is thrown your way.

Amy has played a runway model in a music video for Madonna, taken on a role in an independent film and has modeled for a number of photography projects.

She says to the audience, “When you face adversity and rough patches of trying to fit in, ask yourself what defines normalcy, beauty and what defines you? Embracing your uniqueness whatever that is turns your life from ordinary to extraordinary.”

Hear hear Amy. You were truly an inspiration to watch and meet.


Hannah Chung is the co-founder and force behind Jerry the Bear, a stuffed bear that helps children learn how to manage their diabetes. Inspired to help children, she says she is never looking back and laughs as she shows us a photo of her in a stuffed bear costume.


“I’m happy to wear a bear costume for years to come if it means making an impact on kid’s lives,” she tells us.

When Jerry’s eyelids close, he is showing that he is low in energy, until he is fed certain foods or given a pretend insulin injection which then boost his glucose levels. The results are shown on a little screen that is implanted into Jerry’s belly.

Hannah’s father and grandparents have Type II diabetes and after her grandfather passed away from hypoglycemia, she was inspired to make a difference by helping others manage diabetes as effectively as possible.

Below is the video of Ray Kurzweil chatting with his daughter in a fireside chat style.

Kudos to the Singularity University and Women@TheFrontier teams for pulling off an incredibly inspirational and moving event with a group of remarkable, dynamic women.

I look forward to future events they plan to host in other cities around the U.S.

Details forthcoming.

Photo credits: Nadine Rupp/Getty Images Europe. Hannah: From the site. Amy Purdy and Legs: AmberB Photography. All other photos: Renee Blodgett.

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