More Crepes & One French Waiter

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I’m starting to grow fond of this Portrero Hill neighborhood in San Francisco, between the Atlas Cafe, which I wrote about last week, to Farley’s Funky Cafe for great coffee, games, magazines and newspapers to the strip of little bistros and restaurants along 18th Street.

Inside Farleys Cafe:


And while not as many dogs as you see on London and suburbia streets, its not uncommon to find people walking their dogs during the day and dragging them out to cafes such as this one in the evening.

Outside Chez Maman this evening:


A hazy view of new friend Elisa Camahort through the window, who also has a blog.


French culture follows me to the West Coast, as I’m served by the third French waiter in a week – all in the same neighborhood.

Chez Maman is a tiny French bistro with bar seating and two small tables that face the window. They mostly serve salads and crepes, with a selection of main courses where you can get frites on the side, European style.


What’s with the butter? It appears to be much more common than olive oil, which you can always get if you request it. Perhaps I’m only been dining in French bistros since I moved from the East Bay to San Francisco a few weeks ago. I must admit, I love the availability of creperies on both sides of the bridge and the charming waiters that accompany them.

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