Hog & Rocks, San Francisco’s First Ham & Oyster Bar

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I recently discovered Hog & Rocks in San Francisco’s Mission Distrcit Recently. Until 6 pm every day, they have $1 oysters. Not oly do they do oysters well, but bourbon and ham as well. They tout themselves as San Francisco’s first ham and oyster bar.

Ham selections are wide and broad, from La Quercia Prosciutto from Iowa, Picante, and aged 9 months, and served with Pickled grapes. The Broadbent’s Ham from Kentucky is aged 12 months and served with pickled red onion.

Enter Italy’s Recla Speck, cold smoked over beechwood chips with pickled red onion. From Spain, there’s the Redondo Iglesias Jamon Serrano, which has been aged for 18 months and served with olive oil sun dried tomato. Also from Italy is the San Daniele Prosciutto, which has been aged for 24 months and served with fresh mozzarella.

You can get a ham tasting plate for $15 or 27 for your choice of 3 or 5.

They offer Pt Reyes oysters from California, Hammersley Inlets from Washington state, The Marin Miyagi’s from California, the Glacier Bays from New Brunswick, and the Kumamoto’s also from Washington state. I always prefer them on the half shell but ou can also order BBQ oysters (3 for $9), which they serve with cocktail sauce and herb butter.  

Other great things on the menu include Shishito Peppers with lime, Kennebec Fries, Croquettes, served with aborio rice, aged ham, mahon reserva cheese and spring onion cream, Stuffed Piquillo Peppers served with salt cod stuffed peppers and sweet corn puree.

Or, you can opt for the Duck Heart Skewer with pickled cauliflower and basil puree, Fried Squash Blossoms, Bone Marrow on gremolata, toast, chicken wings or their meat platter served with bell peppers, mornay sauce, and paprika creme.

We started with the lamb meatballs which I’d highly recomend. They are served wtih a wild rice pilaf, english peas and a black pepper-lemon yogurt sauce.

Also try their Gulf Coast flounder, served with yellow corn, cherry tomatoes, black eyed peas, frisee, peppadew vinaigrette and tarragon creme fraiche, or the fish and chips, which are beer-battered with kennebec potatoes, malt vinegar and tartar sauce.

For starters, try the mussels which are cider steamed, served with piquillo butter over chorizo aioli toast.

The cocktail menu is amazing but I was disappointed by their wine menu. While I realize that they’re trying to pair wines that go best with oysters, my argument is that there’s a host of other offerings on the menu aside from oysters and they don’t offer any choices of a Chardonnay or a Cabernet Sauvignon, unheard of in a California restaurant.

There’s also no Merlot or Zinfandel – in other words, they wines tend to be on the light side, which go well with the oysters and their salads, but not the lamb meatballs or some of the other heavier choices on offer.











































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