A Visual Journey of DEMOFall 2012

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I missed DEMOFall last year if I recall and hate to miss a DEMO since I’m a huge fan of their events, having gone for years (and years). I’m also a media partner every year. As always, they had a great line-up of companies, many start-ups making the trek over from Asia and Europe to unveil their latest and greatest on the DEMO stage.

Some of the highlights included a kick-off Beer reception in the Oktoberfest theme. The great thing about such a theme is fabulous dark German beer and fashionistas like Jolie O’Dell showing up looking like Heidi. (it doesn’t seem to matter what outfit she puts on or color her hair is, she always looks smashing).

Jolie-Odell at Demo2012 (2)

The downside? The food of course. It was great to reconnect with old friends, some of whom I only see at Demo every year. Not everyone was as stylish as Jolie of course, but the pressure of women pulling out in the stops in Silicon Valley has Dylan Tweney rethinking what he puts on before he goes out of the house…yup, even the socks! (see my geek fashion hurts my senses piece).

Dylon-Tweney and Julien-Salanon (2)

Dean Takahashi decided to support the theme in one way he knew how: put on an Irish hat to support the Germans of course. :-)

Dean-Takahaski at demo2012 (3)

In all seriousness, the beauty about Demo is that after hours (and before hours), people still know how to have fun. Below – is it easy to recognize a Brit among us? After all, the Brits know how to let loose despite myths that they don’t. (Trust me, I lived there…ask me for stories sometime).

The every so “fun” Redg Snodgrass and Andrew Scott announced Taploid, a gossip tabloid for the digital age, so hey, they were just celebrating their unveiling after all…

Speaking of celebrating and having fun, Dave Mathews and co-founder of InTooch Julian Salanon demonstrated to the audience that they can START to have fun if they only freed their lives from business cards with their new mobile app. Hear hear.

Dave-Mathews and Julien-Salanon on Demo stage (29)

Given that this event was Matt Marshall’s last DEMO event, Neal Silverman bid farewell to Matt on stage while the audience cheered him on (and yes, we even stood up and whistled). Erick Schonfeld takes over in 2013 and am looking forward to seeing what direction he takes things.

Matt-Marshall and Neal-Silverman on Matts last demo (12)

There were also the traditional DEMO God awards that DEMO is notorious for. This year’s winners included: bandu from Neumitra, Birdeez, ElectNext, Flinja, RentLingo, and VPC from Neurotrack (Alzheimers development).

Neal-Silverman and DEMO God awards (2)

One conference – multiple personalities. Up on day one was Ray Kurzweil, who talked about everything from singularity and speech recongition to nano bots and our brains. Up on day two was Twitter co-founder Ev Williams.

Ray-Kurzweil on DEMO 2012 stage (17)

In between each category, a group of “sage” panelists came out and gave their opinion on every app that presented – what they liked and didn’t…and why!

Jolie odell panel at DEMO2012 (8)

Journalist Rob Pegararo made the trek from DC…


There was, as always, loads of schmooze time as well and on the last night, a farewell celebration party thrown by Citrix.

Renee-cocktail party-demo (2)

Social demo shots (3)

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