Wearable World Brings 2 Events to San Diego & LA This Month

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Wearable World is hosting two upcoming events in San Diego on March 19 and in Los Angeles on March 26, events they’re calling Wearable Wednesdays. At the event, you’ll hear from thought leaders and entrepreneurs on the topic of truly wearable technology in the form of smart fabrics, e-textiles, and clothing that connects us to all things internet.

From fabrics that change color with your movement to textile sensors that monitor oxygen levels for firefighters – the potential for intelligent clothing is unlimited. Although researchers believe it will be another 20 years until products like these are made commercially available, that hasn’t slowed down companies like Adidas, Under Armour, Nike, and Reebok from exploring the potential for connected apparel.

Soon enough wearable tech watches will become archaic when the very shirt and pants you are wearing can provide data on everything from muscle exertion and skin temperature to who is tweeting you. They will discuss the current state of smart fabrics, where the industry is moving, and how the leaders in connected clothing are breaking away from the pack. 

ABI Research estimates the global market for wearables in health and fitness alone could reach 170 million devices by 2017. Big-time technology players have taken the hint and are making a big leap into the world of wearable tech. Wearable technology has moved beyond product concepts to actual consumer products. However, building hardware for the wearables market is only the first challenge. Companies are challenged to create differentiated experiences, products that work, and useful technologies people will incorporate into their daily lives.




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