Potter Steve Salisian: Creative Stoneware and Porcelain Designs

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I love art so easily get drawn into any gallery, pottery shop or variation thereof that I come across regardless of where I am or other time commitments I have on my plate for the day. It has the same effect as shoe stores for me…..I MUST walk in just to meander even if its for 180 seconds, just to see what colors, angles, designs and energy went into the pieces they’ve curated.

On a trip to Monterey recently, I discovered the work of Steve Salisian who apparently isn’t just a potter, but he’s a photorapher as well. While I didn’t see his visuals, I did have a chance to look at about a dozen tea pots and mugs. And of course, I bought one. His work is both decorative and functional made by combined methods of wheel-throwing and hand-building. His current ceramic work is mainly one of a kind pouring and drinking vessels in stoneware and porcelain.

What frustrates me when I discover a new artist is how little they promote their work. No website, Facebook or Twitter account. Often, you’re lucky to get an email address and even then, how on earth would people find your fabulous creations? They often rely on the gallery to promote their work which is great, but a gallery represents a number of artists and each artist’s work and style is so individual and unique, they should have their own space, just like they do a studio. It’s only natural.

So, no website at least that I could find for Steve, but his work can be found in a cute little cooperative called Local Artists on Cannery Row. (also no website on the card I grabbed).

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