Disney’s World of Color Premiere: Lights! Cameras!…Water!

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World of Color Funwheel
I had the great privilege of being invited to Disney’s World of Color premiere at Disney’s California Adventure in Anaheim, California on Thursday, June 10.  Disney sponsored myself and other family travel and mombloggers to be part of the media contingent who were allowed in for the opening night festivities.  Along with viewing the show, we also got to hang out on the red blue carpet with celebrities, meet Disney executives and Imagineers, and hear about what’s next for the Disney Parks, Resorts, and Cruises.  It was a hectic but fun two day adventure, and I was honored to take part in it.

World of Color Fireworks

The show itself is a visual and auditory extravaganza, a stunning display of animation, waterworks, fireworks, and lights.  I had seen preview clips of the show, but none of them did justice to what we witnessed.  The show was introduced by none other than the Mouse Himself, and a series of spectacular fireworks.

World of Color Rainbow
When the smoke from the fireworks had not yet cleared, it seemed as
though a thousand colorful fountains appeared out of nowhere. With giant Mickey Mouse on the Funwheel looming in the background, the show started with a dancing rainbow.

World of Color Burst

Throughout the event, we were treated to brilliant bursts of color, music, and snippets of animation from Disney classics, like The Little Mermaid, and from more recent Disney Pixar offerings like Toy Story, A Bug’s Life, and Up.

World of Color Lion King
It’s hard to capture the animation on camera, but the shot above shows a scene from The Lion King projected on a wall of mist and on round video screens in the front.  The Lion King montage was one of the highlights of the show for me, with the climactic stampede seeming to run right into the audience, spraying just about everyone.  I thought this was part of the show, but it turns out it was a sudden gust of wind that made the wildebeasts run into the audience.  I admit that when the mist cleared, Simba’s voice saying, “Dad? Dad?” as in the movie got me a little choked up.  I’ve probably seen that movie 40 times, and every time, that gets me.

World of color fire
Think water and fireworks are enough? Not for Disney.  Somehow, they managed to shoot fire out of the fountains, which was a welcome warm-up after the wind and water soaked the crowd.  It was a dramatic display of the elements.

The animation was certainly a technological marvel, but I think I enjoyed the water and fire displays going off in time to music the most.  There was something very enchanting about watching water dance around in time to music.  I’ve enjoyed the small water and light show at the Disneyland Hotel, and the one at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, so I was very excited to see this one.  I had high expectations going into it, and they managed to exceed my expectations.

After seeing such incredible natural beauty in Alaska last week, I thought it might come across as a little cheesy, but somehow, it did not.  I loved the way they used the backdrop of the giant ferris wheel, the path lights in the park, and the whole park environment as part of the show.  To me, this show represented what the human mind can achieve to create something spectacular.

The World of Color lasts 25 minutes, and runs twice nightly at Disney’s California Adventure. Preferred viewing spots are available via FastPass.  A third show may be added if there is sufficient demand.  If you’re planning a trip to Disney (or need a reason to plan one), this show is a must-see.

Disclosure: Disney Parks & Resorts paid for my airfare and accommodations to attend this event.  I did not receive any compensation for writing this review, or payment in exchange for posting.  The opinions expressed herein are mine, and do not reflect the opinions or policies of the Walt Disney Corporation.

All photos are Copyright Glennia Campbell 2010. All Rights Reserved.

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