6 Ways To Travel With A Calm Body & Spirit in Mind

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Who says planning a weekend getaway needs to be with friends or a lover? If you want to get away but can’t find anyone to go with, don’t let that stop you from planning a solo travel weekend getaway — one of the best solo vacation ideas, especially for those wanting to get into traveling on their own but are hesitant. Still unsure? With the following tips you’ll be able to make the most of your alone time while also strengthening your relationship with yourself.

1. Bring A Journal

Traveling solo is a great opportunity for self reflection, and bringing a journal can help you discover how your solo travel experience affects you. Maybe your trip inspires you to write a poem or a fictional story based on a local character your encounter, or maybe you overcame a challenge by fixing a flat tire or discovering a great restaurant you’re particularly proud of. Jot it down, and reflect on how what you encounter makes you feel.

2. Pamper Yourself

Just because you’re not with friends or significant others doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to be pampered. Even if you don’t have a large budget for the weekend, adding in an indulgent experience or two can help get you in the right mindset for a solo weekend getaway.

3. Include A New Experience

Give yourself the opportunity to try something new and make a memory. It can be as big as climbing a high peak or as small as taking a class on French baking. Trying something new can help you cross items off your bucket list while potentially discovering a new passion.

4. Have A Goal

Even if your goal is simply to de-stress, having an objective for the weekend can keep you motivated and help get your mind off the fact you’re spending the weekend alone. Vow to visit an interesting attraction, complete a challenging hike, explore the local wine culture, find the area’s best ice cream or discover an enjoyable way to relax.

5. Get A Room With A Bathtub

Is there anything better than putting on your favorite music, sipping a glass of wine and submerging yourself into a bubble bath? I think not.

6. Be Good To Your Body

I’m not saying to skip cocktails and dessert; however, now that you’re alone there is less peer pressure to pig out and binge drink. Try to find a delicious farm-to-fork restaurant that serves healthy, sustainably-prepared meals while providing a true taste of local culture. You might also take this peaceful and pressure-free weekend to partake in meditation, yoga, hiking, spa treatments and other holistic and curative practices you may not usually have time for.

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